Sunlight Amounts from Gamemodes w/wo Skins

I’m not sure if sunlight amount varies depending on game mode or not, feel free to edit this to make it more accurate/fill empty areas:

Effect of Karma on Sunlight?
Sunlight in one ball: 60

Sunlight Boosts from Skins:

Rare Skin: 33% more sunlight
Epic Skin: 66% more sunlight
Legendary Skin: 100% more sunlight
SE Skin: Depends on its type

Game Modes:(Record the lowest amount of Sunlight gotten from Victories and Defeats with types of skins)


No Skin: 22 Sunlight
R: 27 Sunlight
E: 37 Sunlight
L:38/44 Sunlight

No Skin: 7 Sunlight
R: 8 Sunlight
E: __ Sunlight
L: 14 Sunlight

Battle Royale

No Skin: __ Sunlight
R: 34 Sunlight
E: __ Sunlight
L: 50 Sunlight

No Skin: __ Sunlight
R: 9 Sunlight
E: __ Sunlight
L: __ Sunlight


No Skin: 60 Sunlight
R: __ Sunlight
E: 100 Sunlight
L: 120/141 Sunlight

No Skin: 21 Sunlight
R: 27 Sunlight
E: 33 Sunlight
L: 40 Sunlight


Sunlight in one ball is worth 60. I play casuals on 5v5 and one win with a default skin gives you 60 sunlight. If you lose i think you get 20.


Yep, have to divide this by win / loss. I’m going to pay attention from now on and help fill in the blanks.

Good idea to give people a means of reference for the whole Sunlight thing!


this is quite simple to figure out.
win a normal game: 60 sunlight for 3v3 and 5v5, lower for blitz and br
rare skin: 33% more.
epic: 66% more
legendary: 100% more
le: 133% more

also to note:
at least in blitz/br bot games the amount of sunlight given depends on the time of the game.

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A ranked 5v5 with a SE skin is like 120 for a win

Yep, I think I can confirm this for 5vs5 Casual, too.

The easiest way to handle this is to list the minimum amount of Sunlight for every match- and skin-type combination.
I will edit the original post to reflect this, if no one beats me to it.

I agree that it should be the minimum. I won a blitz with a legendary skin and got less than 44, don’t remember the number. If it happens again I will record it.

I have a sneaky suspicion Karma effects Sunlight. Because I have received less than 7 sunlight for a loss in blitz.

sometimes 5. sometimes 6.

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I confirm this based on a win with Lyra se skin normally giving 120 but when I had great karma I received 126

So I played two blitz games in a row and got 44 then 38. (Same L skin, both wins) There was no dodging or anything like it in between the two games.(Unless missing the accept button will hurt me) Do you get less from games in a row in did missing the accept hurt my karma that bad?

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I think blitz sunlight is based off of time, karma, and points you scored

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I don’t remember how long they went. I know on one of then we won at the last second and I forgot the other.
So time seems like it’s correct.

Points? Kills/Objective kills? That seems like it wouldn’t be accurate, unless assists
also affect it.

It would be if you assume to win each player needs to be able to secure 5 2 kills and one objective once up to lvl12 most hero’s I have played can defeat a sentry by themselves

its only time. you can easily try this in a bot game.

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I just got 141 sunlight from winning a 5v5 with an L skin… that’s 21 more than I would expect

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