Summer Party Malene skin idea

New Summer Party Malene skin idea by Cley-Art on Facebook

Here’s the link to his page:


Can you add a direct link to the artist’s original work, please? Reposting someone’s work without a link usually frustrates the artist …

Uh wait for it. Imma go search it.

looks niceThis text will be blurred


@TadashiN Here you go. Feast your eyes on this.

Hehe i will.create my own :wink:

Look forward


It always surprises me what you can find upon searching in rule34 for long enough. Good work, soldier


It’s in the bottom-left corner of the artwork, dude.

Edited for directional clarity

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Lmao, that’s the bottom left, not right

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If SEMC applied this skin, this skin would be the most sexy skin ever :slight_smile:

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This is on Facebook. The Skye one is on Rule 34.

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You have no idea what else I found.

Anw, I left a link up there man.

Yeah, he doesn’t, but send it in pms if you can :smiley:

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I wondering about that…


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It’s Rule 34, what do you think are gonna be there? :slight_smile:

lol I get it now