Summer Party Fortress with opals

You can now buy it with opals! 300 for a legendary skin, enjoy it!

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Hmm… is that a seasonal discount from 500?

I don’t really want it, but saving 200 0p3lz would convince me. :thinking:

I don’t know if it’s discounted, but I don’t think so, when they changed the prices they deleted the discounts.

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all se skins will cost a reduced amount which will increase to their full cost over time. moon princess celeste and pumpkin spice petal originally cost 350 opals, for example


They changed them when the new skin system was released, it’s not like they increase over time.

That’s what I thought, too. 300 is just such a weird pricing point.


Oii… excellent post. Thanks a lot for digging that up. But that means I may have to get it. Except… what about Boobwatch Catherine? Will she be on discount next? :scream:

Yeah but that’s old news. By 2.11 or 2.12 idk, they normalized opal prices, so those stopped being seasonal. The price is set and doesn’t change over time anymore.


she will be sold for opals in the next update. the grey one will not be sold for opals for a very long time according to SEMC

I thought never, so will tiger Skaarf and Origins Odris be available for opals sometime not so soon?

Read this:


This is seriously… okay, so no discounts. Weird cross-species Fortress can wait then.

as SP fort, is his a… law of the jaw

There’s no telling, with SEMC. :lyra:

FWIW, SP Fortress is one of my favorite skins ever. (Shhh, don’t tell BW Celeste or Christmas Fortress!)

well, they sell the bakuto phinn skin for ice atm, so everything is possible with semc.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been waiting for SP Fortress for ages. I would have totally missed the discount and kicked myself forever. Catherine can wait, I want the shark doggo

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It’s a discount for the festival. It’s easier to buy things with ICE rather than Opals for people who spend real money.

That was a while ago when I got my Winter Cath :heart_eyes:

i am not mad at it, but that wasnt their intention when they started the se skins. so they might as well change their mind on the opal discount