Summer keys and chests

So i read on he patch notes that we can sell our summer keys for 150 ice each. Thats nice. but what about summer chests? They were much harder to get than the keys. Dont tell me they will vanish for nothing.

How could you even get a summer chest? I remember the guild thing. And I think you got it for getting 10 wins in one or two events?
And could you get 10 keys with f2p? If you couldn’t what was even the point of this system. Anyone that spends real money can simply buy the other Ice version of the kitten skins. Unless you’re a collector that has to has them all…
What a load of BS… how can one be so bad at designing events…

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there was also the summer checklist

I gave up on the chest a while ago, too much grinding in events for a skin. I already have the 2 other cat skins so whatevs

assuming that the keys can be sold for 150 ice, then the event has point. hardcore f2p can get some ice for free…
at least there’s 3 or 4 event you can get freekeys…

i actually cant tell. i lost interest in the events since they are impossible to actually do for me. i only got 3 keys and i will trun them into ice. that is actually quite nice, but just giving the ice directly instead of that entire overcomplicated summer key stuff would have worked just as well.

i also have the battl pass, so i dont need another skaarf skin.

my feedback:

  • ice for keys should have been announced with the start of the season
  • a clear event plan, showing how and when a f2p player can get a chest and the 10 keys
  • a plan on how and when you can buy keys/chests and how much it costs/what bundle you have to buy
  • actual fair events that dont force you to grind for hours in a very short timeframe
  • a reminder before an event begins

did i forget anything? i think thats all that semc needs to work on for next season, but i dont have high hopes for it.


I’m still confused. Is the summer chest skaarf supposed to be LE? I can never tell what skins are supposed to be and it’s so frustrating.

All the kitten Skaarfs are SE skins.


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the skaarf skin given away in the summer chest is se, but we do not know when its available for opals.
the same status is given to origin idris and one of the three new cath skins.

yes it is. but this is semc and they are going to keep all their doors open with a minimal investment in clarity for the players.

seems like we need a sixth skin category: event skin.

also, the se skins need a note on how much sunlight each of them gives.

Actually, all the new Cath skins are SE.

It was actually said before you could even get the summer chest.

The White one is legendary, the other two are SE, being the grey one event only. The Orange cath skin is event too.

I stand corrected about the white Skaarf – in game, it’s very hard to tell the difference because the borders are almost the same color.

Re: swimsuit Cath – they’re all still SE, though. There’s no actual designation of “event skins” in game, and the skin is marked SE:

Origins Idris is too, for whatever that’s worth:

My personal suspicion is that they will not stay “event only” for very long. There will be some “oh gosh, we didn’t realize how much demand there would be for these” announcement, followed by those skins being made available in the market for inflated ICE prices.


It was said in the patch notes (i think). Orange cath is the same as Idris and skaarf grey: event skins, though there is no special symbol or colour in game.

Yep, I realize that. As I said, though, I suspect it’s intentionally leaving them room to wiggle out of the “event only” idea, particularly as the events seem to be proving to be pretty unsuccessful so far.

They tried to do that once already, with the LE skins. And don’t count on those being locked away forever either: I doubt there’d be much of an uproar nowadays if they brought those back, considering how few OG players are still around.

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They Will probably be buyable with ice ay some moment, there is no way they Will never come back.

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Hmm so i guess nothing was mentioned about the summer chest? I have three of them. Tbh idc about the skin. I just want the ice xP

As someone focus on the words and blamed semc for LE skins and golden tickets , I read what they said about the events skins and they didn’t say forever or no way to get them , what I remember is they said they are exclusive skins for events only (for now) , so they left it open ending , they can anytime remove the exclusive sign and put them for sale .