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Summer event vague rewards


This picture clearly states rainbow tabby skaarf.

To finish 5 of those quests was a hell of a lot of work.

Did that even spend some ice on summer chests.

What did I get? A single duplicate summer skin aka some opals.

:rainbow: Rainbow tabby? Nowhere to be seen nor are you told how to unlock it. (It is a dropped chest which doesn’t show as a drop)

Worst event ever.

The idris event was better than this…

So I found the chest but it is just that its a chest I can’t open nor am I told how I can open it in the future. It is all vague.

They ahould have made the rainbow chest a reward when you finish so that you see that you got it.

Lack of clarity…


it says rainbow tabby skaarf chest, which you get with the complete five challenges rewards.


Where is this Mystical chest? And don’t tell mw its the 5% chance bullshit chest…

That drop is available in the standard new content box at the same chance and same price…


probably in the inventory? i didnt do the event since i was busy all week, so idk. and no, i’m pretty sure it’s guaramteed, but you need 10 summer keys


Probably on the same screen as Bronze/Silver/Gold-Chests.


It is in the inventory they should have said so…
Also know way of knowing how to obtain the key ugh…

Horrible ingame communication


Keys supposedly can be obtained by participating in events throughout summer.
The skin itself is exceptional, in terms of animations and stuff, but yeah… I didn’t even start trying. There’s only so much work I’m willing to invest in a game.


So did you find the chest? If so, please edit the title of this thread …

It’s ok to be salty, but it’s not ok to engage in slander …


It’s astonishing because I was actually considering buying their BS summer chests to complete the 5 quests. I’m so glad I didn’t. Luckily I remembered that I’m trying to save my meager f2p ICE earnings for a battle pass some day and the Skaarf skin looks weird anyway (and after all that work it’s still only a CHANCE to get the skin :roll_eyes:)


is it really just a chance? i’m pretty sure it’s 100% chance to get it, or at least ive never seen anything saying its only a chance


Only way of knowing is getting that chest open.


It’s 100% you will get the skin when opening that chest I think.


But is getting the key for it easy… That is the real question…


Properly not. 10 keys, maybe 10 days login in…
Really I feel it really weird when we need 10 keys. Only people complete this event have the chest… so why giving summer keys? If you don’t have the Rainbow Chests, those keys are useless…

UNLESS, there would be an event which uses summer keys as currency. You don’t need to use those keys only for Rainbow Chests, you can use it to buy other things… That’s my guess. The worst probability is there would be a new chest called summer chest, acting like bronze/silver/gold chest and summer keys would be spawned randomly. Now RNG will f*ck all people participating in this event, and we should delete this game.


This is what I fear most of all. Add a buy in when your luck is bad and it is a sick cash grab…


It’s an event reward so I hope no cash grab…
If they make it into cash grab… it’s better just to delete the game.

P/:s but giving first 10 keys for people having Rainbow chest only and then make players win key by RNG or buy keys from shop; that idea is still OK.


I wish I took a screenshot of my news section now because I stg it said “+ a random Legendary BP” which was kind of the other reason I even did the quest besides the Tabby Skaarf chest.