Suggestion/Bugs Report for 2.12 Update


About 5v5:
I. Feel like that mini map need a zoom in function,i have a hard time move the camera around(mayb just me).Just suggestion,mayb i will get used to it soon.

II. Can’t target a ward that put ‘inside/center’ of Dragon.

About 3v3
Maybe is time to make the map of 3v3 larger since most of the heroes have increased range/movement speed now and i think this will solve alot(maybe) of heroes balancing between 5v5 and 3v3.

But i don’t know how much the cost to remake a map,so it shouldn’t happen anytime soon even this is a ‘good’ idea?

Hero balancing:
Didn’t play much yet so can’t give much opinions,but Lyra ‘Bright Bulwark’ should bring back that movement disable ability but last 0.5sec(Mayb,or lower).

Right now Lyra B can’t save anyone that got chased by a Hero that have grab closed,most of the time u watch them die.

About game UI:
Rew711 comment from Game Menu UI post of Official Forum already pointed out most of things i going to say so i will just skip it.

But i hope Devs would give out some review picture and have the community vote about it b4 thy imply it in next update.