StormQueen Voice Actor

ok… i searched… i googled… i watched youtube videos… reddit…

I can’t say for sure who the voice actor is . . but i think it is the same as Maleficent, the disney character.

does anybody know for sure? I want to know~!!!

To be clear, I am talking about the latest video they use for the 5v5 introduction

She sounds so . . . . . Evil . . . . . .

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Someone said they didn’t like the VA for stormqueen way too hammy I kind of agree


i kinda like it. I have no idea what “hammy” is suppose to sound like… but i think it suits her.

It’s got that “royalty” mixed with evilness feel…

Yeah. They definitely brought Angelina Jolie.


I think it’s okay up until the end.
When she says “they will kneel”, it’s super cliche and her dramatic voice sounds forced with fake emotion.


The only part i dislike is when she says, “when the Churn swallows their homes”. It just feels out of place with the rest of her voice acting.

Yeah when I heard this part I turned the video off. I couldn’t handle it.

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I think her voice kinda similiar with hella from ragnarok

I was so caught up in how horriffically bad the actual text was, that I didn’t even notice all the dramatic subtleties.

Spoiler alert, synopsis forthcoming: “Mah dragunz… but da Churn… but dragunz!! I R evil after all! DRAGUNZ!!1”

It’s like they tried for moral ambiguity -mixed with dragons- but had no idea what that looked like. But we still got the dragons, I guess.

So… ummm… this is in the Help! section for a reason… Nobody has a lead or even an wiki leaks about who the voice actor is?

Who would know? issn’t there suppose to be some dev’s in this forum…

So I, and I alone, have solved this riddle! She’s a Bay-area voice actor named Vicki Baum.
(it was actually idmon; I saw his question in a chat, and the response, and now I’m swooping in to take the credit :gwenrainbowbarf: )

Here’s an interview with her from a few years ago:


You guys will really stop at nothing to be helpful and make people feel at home here, huh?

What Ms. Baum’s management will have to say about the sudden influx of inquiries regarding voicemail greetings, and that one persistent request for her to read page 5 of a local dairy products catalogue, I can only imagine.

She was the witch in Hansel and Gretal. I knew I heard that voice before. :grinning:

I feel like I watched this interview before

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