Stepping down as Forum Mod

Just letting everyone know that I will be stepping down as a forum moderator. I have been a mod for just on 2 years and have been a part of the forum community for over 3.
It has been an amazing experience and have loved every moment. A big thanks to @HipsterSkaarf and @idmonfish who I have worked quite closely with over the last few years, as well as the rest of the past and present moderators.
Although I haven’t been the ‘public face’ of the moderating team, I worked hard behind the scenes to squeeze the best possible experience out of the Xenforo architecture.
The transition to the new forum hasnt been particularly easy for me, and along with increasing IRL commitments, it means I no longer have the time to improve your forum experience as best I can.
I will still be floating around the forum and discord, and of course playing the game I still love.


Thanks for all the work you put in. I’m sure everyone in the forum appreciates what you’ve done. Cheers