StarCraft II or Diablo III?

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  • Diablo III

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I’m looking for a new game to get into, now that Vainglory has been demoted from “all-consuming” to “once in a while.” Back in the day, I played both Diablo and StarCraft in their original incarnations, but I haven’t played either in years.

Votes and comments (with explanations or other recommendations) welcome!!!

Starcraft 2 offers a lot and is free to start for PVP.
Gaming sessions are just that sessions, you can’t buy power you need skill.

There is also a huge amount of lore.

I was a fan of old Diablo 1-2+expansions but the new one is far too gory and horror like.
Being an rpg mmo it will be a grind fest. Plus side is loot and farming.


Oh holy moly, I just saw that I can have D.Va as an announcer in SC2!!! :new_heart::new_heart::new_heart:


I never played StarCraft II but I have played Diablo III and it was fun. But I would still recommend StarCraft II over it because StarCraft looks like it has more survivability. Most people who play Dungeon crawlers just play Path of Exile now and Daiblo 4 is being worked on (2-4 years it’ll probably be out) so the game is on its death bed.

I still I personally prefer Diablo because I prefer the genre and very much enjoyed the game so I voted for it but I’d still recommend StarCraft.

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i also played both of the originals. and watched pro’s play both on twitch.

SC2 is much more appealing . free to play, plenty of story line, stages that test your skill progressively. it’s also fun to watch and stays true to the original starcraft in the way things are built.

Diablo 3 looks really messy and a grind. I would still try it… but I wouldn’t be committing to it.

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Here’s an incredibly cool thing Blizzard are doing to support the family of a well-known YouTuber who was a big StarCraft fan and who died of cancer a few months ago:

The entire purchase price goes to his wife and son, who are apparently in pretty dire financial straits.

I really do love Blizzard as a company.

Agreed with loving Blizzard. They did quite a few similar things during my time playing WoW. They have their faults but honestly my favorite gaming company


retches heavily over poll results

Total biscuit died? Wow… That’s so sad he was an iconic OG player…

@hazeleyes check out the game Maze shadow of light on the appstore. It is one of the best rpgs I have seen so far.

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