Split Pushers in 5v5


This has been the one thing I’ve poured my heart into. Playing strong splitpushers like SAW, Joule, Blackfeather, and Glaive top or bot and being as oppressive and punishing as possible to the enemy. Attacking when they go for cs, forcing them to leave lane while you farm for free and push towers because of how strong these heroes are at this. The only problem is enemy rotations or lane swaps, but this can be solved with deep wards in the jg and river(near blackclaw or ghsotwing-whichever dragon is near your lane, gives you lots of time to see the enemy and move to a safe position. And TP boots- is most of the enemy taking and objective or there is a teamfight? You can tp to a hard pushed lane and apply pressure; forcing the enemy to let you take turrets as you get closer to the vain or sending someone to you, allieving pressure off your team.


I’ve personally been able to push CP Vox much easier than BF, either WP or CP


I don’t have vox, so I wouldn’t have the chance to try him, but how are you going to take towers? Afaik his abilitys dont do much to turrets, if at all. But i can see him pushing the lane really fast and using minion candies to push harder


Side note - are you finding success with port boots? I haven’t convinced myself to give up other boots as insurance, especially since i push with vox and need them in case I push too far


Don’t need minion candy. Delete a couple waves and bounce forces early flask or port by other laner - the minions do a surprising amount of damage, especially the big guy.


Hmm, I hope to see some gameplay of it soon by someone.