Spirit Blossom Kindred by Horace Hsu


Concept sketches and commentary are here

Horace’s ArtStation is here:


not directly related to the topic: When you think about it, LOL skins costs as much if not cheaper than ML skins. Food for through. :smiley: but I feel it’s quite obvious how much effort and time goes to each + what is the quality difference.

Hope they don’t break their LOL model that worked for so many years, because valorant with 300$ skin (and a lot more similarly baffling skins pricing) is not exactly the right direction. I can say the same for CD project red, we all talk about witcher and cyberpunk, but I played GWENT, including invested money into it and they did some really… well, let’s say not playerbase friendly changes.

P.S. Can’t wait enough for cyberpunk 2077 and is day one purchase for me! :smiley:

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