Spirit Blossom event & skin line

Some inexplicable champion choices in this new series, imo … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thresh’s one looks great tbh xD

Who is that???

Tbh kinda wonky for them to make a Undead Reaper type of character into a stereotypical K/C Drama dude.

Edit: Apparently Kindred and Riven are getting new skins as well

Glad to see Yasuo finally found peace in one timeline

Yasuo in game quotes: Still very sombre and depressing


Have you read Realms of Runeterra? I got it months ago and am only partway through it (real life got real complicated with COVID), but it’s wonderful … one of my favorite stories so far features Yasuo …

OOoooooooOOOOO … a new skin for Kindred!!! (Both my kids have taken up playing Kindred – my son in particular loves playing them!)

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Here are the other splash art images for the skins that have been announced:

:spirit_blossom: SPIRIT BLOSSOM VAYNE

:spirit_blossom: SPIRIT BLOSSOM TEEMO


Although not yet officially announced, as Lillia will be introduced along with the start of the Spirit Blossom event on 22 July, it’s not really a surprise that she will also be getting a Spirit Blossom skin:

:spirit_blossom: SPIRIT BLOSSOM LILLIA

Coming 22 July!

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So theres gonna be a pass right?

I’m sure there will be — this looks to be a very big event, with rumors stating it will be stretched over multiple patches and include the 2 new champs & a total of 18 new skins!

Cool, ill probably buy it then :smile:

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spirit blossom - prologue mission

Found this new mission when I (finally) logged in to the client tonight! Can’t wait for the actual event to start!

This gave me old time anime vibes. Like Devilman Crybaby/ Gurren Lagen/Kill la Kill anime action vibes. And I like it!

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This is sooooo good! The anime influence is strong with this event! Also, Ionia is so gorgeous! Can’t wait to play on the new map!!!

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Welcome Yasuo 2 to the rift now to witness his 0/10 powerspike

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Another Spirit Blossom: Prologue mission has appeared!

Teasers on League’s official Twitter just now …

More teasers from the official Twitter!

:arrow_up: Spirit Blossom event details!

The event will take place from 2020-07-22T20:00:00Z2020-08-24T19:59:00Z

The Nexus Blitz map is GORGEOUS!!!

Nexus Blitz will be available from 2020-07-23T06:59:00Z2020-08-25T06:59:00Z