SpellFire Viability shot through the roof

SpellFire is now useable on almost every single hero. AoE Abilities benefit from the buff the most, its now a very strong item and has so much utility. Imagine Catherine and a SF and using blast trumor. It gives a lot more to worry about. Ardan can even use it, hid vanguard gets a damage increase and deals with taka much better as an example but if its on a mage ifs a different definition of scary. Celeste and Samuel as an example can apply a ton of mortal wounds. I like the change and it also make roamers more impactful when building it. Its pure fun


Baptiste is a nightmare with spell fire

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Any Area of Effect damage is a nightmare with Spellfire

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I haven’t tried sam but I can imagine his empowered Malice and Verdict to be absolutely decimating with SF FB DE…

I’ve only tried it on Celeste so far and those supernovas were very satisfying

So this effect is triggered by resonance on vox?

If true this is going to change how I build the little OP mofo for ever. He can land those abilities constantly so SF going to be in effect constantly.

Let’s sit down and talk about Gwen CP when she hit 5 heroes with her A…



Don’t use that dirty “CP” word with Gwen. WP and stack crit, she’s been so fun bottom lane.

I think it goes without saying that AoE abilities are sweet and gain alot from SF instaproc of wounds. play some CP joule its fun :slight_smile:

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No please no cp Joule :frowning:
I seriously hope that her ult is nerfed a bit more, because it’s completely cancer now.
ESPECIALLY paired up with a Lance. It just deletes squishies in 2-3 secs, even if they have defense