Spellfire on catherine?

Recommended? or nah

with aftershock and add spellfire for B burst damage

Well, I was playing brawl mode not taking it seriously… but I had all the support items and decide to add spellfire along with aftershock…

I think it works well with her… I had the most kill with Cath

use it whenever you fight against heavy barrier/sustain comps. as they are currently meta, sf on cath is a good pick most of the time.

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ah… good idea…
will do that then

I prefer Frostburn for a slow everytime someone hits her with her B active, but I suppose it could work…

why not both?


You would have to drop Aftershock which is a problem.

Superscout Fountain Crucible Frostburn/Aftershock/Clockwork Spellfire Halcyon chargers/wartreads.

Man the new items are useless on cath… She can utilize the stats but the passives are meh except for Rooks decree…

Fountain, crucible, AS, SF, war threads, capacitor plate…

this build is good enough. i usually get scouts if enemies has kestrel/taka/flicker

If you have space for both, go for it. But with all the new items, you may be wanting to pick other things. Imo Spellfire is a situational pick against sustain, while Frostburn is more of a useful defence against anything if you still have that extra space.