Spectre the Sniper 2.0 (a revive of an old hero idea created by me with a lot of changes and a new cross-hero perk)

Soldier Information:
Name: error.
Age: error.
Sex: error
Serial number: error.
Codename: Spectre.
Description: Nothing much is known about this soldier except that he/she (we’ll use the male sex here for the sake of simplicity) uses some sorts of long-range weaponry to conduct raids on the Stormqueen’s strongholds. Never once captured, never once hurted, never once seen.
The truth is he’s just an ordinary person whose family abducted by the Queen then adopted by the Technologists and became a weapon specialist after years of researching technology and now he travels everywhere to silently protect the Ardan family to ignite a revolution against the Queen.
•HP: 688-2162 (+134 HP per level).
•Energy: 170-390 (+20 per level).
•WP: 75-120 (+5 per level).
•Attack speed: 100%-116.5% (+1.5% per level)
•Armor and Shield: 20-50.
•Attack range: 6m.
•Movement range: 3.1m/s.
●Perk: Railgun:
•Tactical Visor: Spectre’s vision range is 2m further than all heroes and his crit basic attacks slow targets by 10%. (Now apllies to Baron and Spectre)
•Spectre’s Railgun automatically charges up to release a stronger blast with longer range while he’s not attacking at the rate of +3% WP and +0.1m every 0.1s, up to a maximum of +45% WP and +1.5m. His basic attacks also deal damage to all enemies along the flight path. The charge time is reduced by 0.25% for every % bonus attack speed.
•He has 25% less basic attack cooldown but if set on auto-attacking, he will only attack when he has fully charged his railgun.
●A: Magnetic Discharge:
•Spectre loads in a shotgun-type shell and fires, dealing a basic attack in a 45° cone and knocking all enemies standing within it back 2m.
•Overdrive: Deals more damage, has more range and reveals enemies caught within it by 1.2s.
•Cooldown: 6s/6s/6s/6s/5s.
•Energy cost: 45/55/65/75/90.
•Range: 5m/5m/5m/5m/6.5m.
•Max charge damage: 100%/100%/100%/100%/120%.
●B: Flash Mine:
•Spectre throws a mine at a chosen location that upon detonation will blind and silence enemies caught within a 2m radius.
•Overdrive: Stuns instead of Silences the enemies for shorter duration. Removes delay and adds the ability to be deployed from a longer range.
•Blinded: Vision range reduced to zero.
•Cooldown: 12s.
•Energy cost: 30/35/40/45/50.
•Range: 1m/1m/1m/1m/4.5m.
•Delay: 0.5s.
•Duration: 1.5s/1.5s/1.5s/1.5s/1s.
●Ult: Shellshock:
•Spectre fires a sniper bullet across the map, dealing max charged basic attack with bonus armor pierce to the first hero it hits.
•The bullet will keep dragging its victim for a while after the impact.
•Upon colliding with a wall, a structure, an objective or another enemy hero, stuns and deals max charged basic attack in a 3.5 meter radius around the collision point.
•Projectile velocity: 40m/s.
•Cooldown: 75/60/45
•Energy: 100/170/240
•Stun Duration: 0.8s/1.4s/2s
•Drag Distance: 6m/9m/12m
•Armor Pierce: 10%/20%/30%.

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