Spacewalker Ozo (skin concept)

Okay we have all cried for a long time now for a ozo skin. And the one that SEMC made was to be honest … sh*t.

To which I have come to conclude that the only reason SEMC can’t make a ozo skin is because adding effects to the skin is really difficult as the default is already having some.

So to the skin concept I thought of right before I went to sleep last night. Please pardon me cause I can’t draw so I will use pictures for reference and be as detailed as possible in effects.

Character model changes

  1. Ozo now wears a space suit

    something like this

  2. instead of his ring made of metal is now made of white material of wire used while space walking
    space walk

  3. Acrobat circus now uses pumped out air from suit to jump and ozo jumps as if he was jumping on moon

  4. on activating batarang the suit activates a jetpack which leaves white fumes behind and when ozo hits the enemy a short explosion is caused.

Please let me know what you think about it.


Looks like you need to revise this to show the images

yeah working on it and by the way how do you add images

done @Satanicsoldier have a look at it

I like the idea def be a high tier skin though


(Been wanting a space camp Ozo for so long… just sayin :slight_smile:

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Honestly ozo would be the easiest for some skins as you can change monkey types with slight color mods and fur length

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Totally! Ozo has a ton of both serious and funky creative possibilities.

And i’ll Go ahead and say it publically… Ozo is a freaking good hero. I don’t get to play him much in ranked because it comes off as troll-ish to others based on pings lol.

But seriously he’s good… you just gotta have an eve and a strong Cryatal item plus be able to land his 3rd bounce consistently and accurately to win with him.

But i digress. Point is… I would freak out if they did a space skin!!!

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Nice. As I’ve said multiple times before, anything pro-Ozo is great. I think it would be pretty cool if the skin was visually similar to one of my other monkey mains from another game I play, Apunaut from Brawlout:

he’s incredibly broken in-game and I love him