Sometimes, SEMC hasn't got understandable explaination for buffs and nerfs

E.g SAW here. They said SAW was pushing lanes way too hard but they nerf his HP and range instead of base WP which doesn’t affect his pushing capability only his survivability

they want to keep him viable, but with the range nerf he is much easier to deal with (as it gets a bit easier to just farm under your turret).
yees, they could explain their buffs and nerfs a bit more in detail, but this isnt that hard to grasp.

Well I prefer survivability mate

But look at my explaination. This will only reduce his survivability not pushing capability. They are doing the wrong thing

Less health means easier to gank and kill or force to port
Less range means he won’t be able to easily bully anyone out of the lane
Both reduce his pushing capability
Just have a skaarf in the lane against him, ez win


why? why do they have to take the one thing away, that makes him viable in 5v5?
he is nothing but a splitpusher and he will be either blown up in teamfights in an instant or the fight moves away from him.

their goal is to keep the hero viable and not take the only thing away they have going for them atm. they did that in the past and it was bad.

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Seriously do you not understand that it’s his range and speed buffs which made him so hard to deal with in 3 v 3 during early game? That and his regen ability which makes it impossible to 1 v 1. His base weapon DMG was never the issue.

As a Ringo for instance the only way to counter him was to last hit under your turret or by having a team willing to gank early and consistently. Attempt to exchange and his range and sped advantage wins out every time. His ability to stack spin up means he clears lane faster forcing you back.

Honestly I see why you’re in tier 4/5; your understanding of hero’s strengths and weaknesses is poor. It’s probably led to terrible draft choices or team compositions and hampered your development.

You might want to look at this, read up and learn how to draft better.

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You have 5 guys in 5v5. Have ever been focused by 4 or 5 guys huh mister rank 4-5 blah blah blah?

Your response makes no sense. Saws early game dominance is down to his range and his stacks, nerfing the range slightly might make him easier to negate. Sure his base WP might be high, but it’s his ability to engage you with range and spin up which results in his fast wave clears and ridiculous early game power spike.

If you don’t want to acknowledge this or take my advice that’s fine, but then accaept that people will continue to call you out for your lack of in game understanding. All of your posts suggest you don’t fully understand draft, counter picking and hero power spikes properly.

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Both those changes affect his pushing power. His range allows him to lay down damage from afar. And if you tried to aggress on him, you’d eat a volley of bullets before you even got close. If you were ranged, chances are he would out range you, so you couldn’t even get close enough to get a shot in.

Reducing his range means he will generate less damage from afar. Meaning enemies are more likely to be successful in suppressing his lane presence.

Dropping his health means he’s easier to kill. Rather than mow down everyone who got in his range (which is now shorter) and still live through the exchange, now he’s less likely to do so.

Both great affect his pushing power and are smart changes over simply dropping his damage. Now good SAW players can still push just as effectively. They don’t enjoy the ease they once did mind you, but because it’s a skill cap adjustment, they will likely still do fine. For scrub SAWs, this will hit them hard because now you actually have to be mindful of your positioning and incoming damage. You can’t just tap on a turret and go grab a coffee :wink:


In short, what the others are trying to say is that even though his push power hasn’t decreased, the counterplay against his pushing has opened up further. If left alone, there is no difference in pushing speed (which I’m moderately sure is intentional), but saw’s enemies will be able to gank him more effectively or prevent him from ever reaching the turret consistently.

Don’t feed the troll… He will snap at you…

Saw gets what he deserves. His early game power is a problem when a maps as large as 5 v5; only way to deal with him In 3v3 was jungle support and that’s not as readily available in 5v5.

Never been a fan of him, low skill player who often becomes a liability in late game fights.

Tell that to Zio mate. He’s a god at him

Apologies for bringing this thread back up but Saw has the highest win rate right now…

Edit - he has the highest, koshka is second

If he is easier to kill, then he can’t push as often. Also, he with the range nerf he won’t be able to bully as often decreasing his general offense.

Worth noting that given the mix of skill levels that match maker is serving up at the moment its not uncommon for only one or two people on a team to know how to counter him which I suspect boosts his winrate somewhat.

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I have an analogy for this…
Say you want 5 cookies, or a balanced SAW. You need 1 scoop of dough (survivability) and 20 chocolate chips (pushing power) for a cookie. Say pre-nerf SAW was 7 cookies OP, and you had 7 scoops and 140 chips. If you take away 2 scoops (survivability), its the same as removing 40 chocolate chips (pushing power).

personally, i think you made it even more confusing. i understood the first time. :laughing:

no u
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