Sometimes it's just better to follow than lead

posted in the original Vainglory Forums 22 August 2016 by @justmikewilldo archived by @thace

I’ve written a few threads over the years about leading, most recently about leading with pings, but this time I want to talk about being a follower and how it will WIN you games you otherwise would have lost.

If you’re like me you’re strong minded. You’re confident in your discion making and you know you can lead your team to victory. There are games where you’re followed, you destroy, make all the right calls and you win.

Then there are games where 1 of the other players just doesn’t agree with your calls. They make choices without pings, they play and move as they please. The synergy just isn’t there. Often these games result in me having the other player follow me into a fight and the third guy just abandons us.

I ping him, my “follower does too” and a salty game insues. But I’m throwing these games away. I’m not being flexible enough to win in solo q.

I just played a game where I was jungling with Sam and had a lane Vox. He left me and the roam midgame to die 2 fights in a row, and we lost some objectives.

I decided instead of continuing to make decisions, to just play passively, and watch what the Vox did. When he pushed we followed, whenever it was time to have a team fight, I followed him where, when and how, and just fell in line. We overcame the deficit and won.

You can’t win when not acting as a team, and whether you lead or not, it’s all about synergy. If your play style is not meshing with your allies YOU NEED to be the person to make the ajustment. Hopefully I can keep adjusting and following those who refuse to be lead by others.

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