Something decent for vets for a change

Naturally (because where would this game be without its numerous bugs), there’s a bug where the duplicate blueprints don’t actually get added to your essence inventory. Still, I was desperate enough to use my 110k+ essence that I didn’t care, and I ended up with Twilight Miho, Dragon Master Catherine, Samurai Krul, Fury Taka, Wu Xing Flame and Forest Taka and Kestrel.

However, the cynic in me thinks that this modicum of generosity is just another sign of the end times.

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I don’t think they targeting the vets with this deal , it’s probably meant for the new players , this makes targeting a skin even harder because the deal luring them to spend essence to get a blueprint that need essence to craft , and the blueprint random .

It’s already essence and blueprints drop rate not like before , this is probably going to make sure new players get rare skins and throw them behind steps back from getting a legendary skin .

This is targeted towards vets. First the deal is terrible for new players, second with those prices, no new player can afford buying them. There is nothing in that deal that suggest it’s for new players.


when I say new I mean every player joined after the new system , the deal in paper not bad for them , looks not bad , but it’s bad .

For anyone has a lot of essence they can try it , it is not that bad you could waste essence for rare skins but it’s ok .

spent 1000 essence to get a blueprint for a skin i already had which gave me 300 essence back.

Will not do it again.

Yeah, seems better for veterans. If you have an excess of essence, or have accumulated a fair amount of opals, this seems like an OK deal. For me, only owning 88 skins, I’d rather use my 900+ :opal: on skins that cost :opal:, such as the Skaarf skins, some SP skins, or NS Taka.

I’ve spent 1050 opals (I had 3k and despite not having all SE skins, I have the ones I care about), it was meh. If you have most/all rates you may get something interesting, but other than that it’s a waste. I got scarecrow Baptiste though (and the stupid epic petal skin).

I think for people with a “collectors” mindset, it’s not a waste. I think for you and I, and I’m assuming we have a similar mindset, so apologies if not, it’s hard for it to have value as we have heroes/skins we love, and then others we simply don’t care for and don’t mind not having.

The chance to get a blueprint you don’t own is not great, but if you have ridiculous amounts of essence, this is the best opportunity you’ll have at being able to use a significant amount of it.

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Its a loot box what do you expect :sweat_smile:

Its a nice a nice pithole for the players that have accumulated a mass amount of essence/opals which I been asking for so long.

Now only if they would bring back the essence Hat chests…

Because I only need one more brimstone for my fire halo and my progress has been stuck in a hold since february.

Edit: I also got Feather Anka (Splashart :heart_eyes:) from the essence chest. Too bad shes weak this patch…

I only got 2 unowned rare skin and its the origin idrus and that weird russian reim skin(although i only have 15k essence and only spent 10k)

Decent? I want to share my story from just now.

Firstly I saw both offers available. So far so good. I had over 130 000 essence, decided to open boxes till around 15 000 left… that’s over 100 boxes + I had almost all skins minus 9. Naturally I started with the essence to try to get lucky with skins, decrease the number of skins and buy the few legendaries I miss with opals to have all the skins (got 4k opals).

Well, secondly after that many boxes - it’s not random at all. :slight_smile: few skins clearly dominated by quite a lot and ofc they where rare.

Thirdly, after I finished with the essence part and 3 blueprints opened and happy that I will get the rest with opals (among them the new lance skin and rainbow glave worth 5200 ice)… well, the offer I saw at the start and had 6h left is MISSING. Refreshed the deals, closed and opened the game - missing. So they have algorithm to who to show it and when certain conditions are met - they won’t show the deal for the veterans having most. I guess to force me to buy those skins with ICE.

So far with their fairness on both that “random” part and that great opals deal. Yeah, I saw it when I could get rare skins, but when I was left with few and primary legendaries - deal hidden for me.

GG WP no re. :slight_smile:

The market is a buggy thing. I don’t think it’s up to an algorithm or a series of if statements, seeing as how I unlocked 13 skins (6 legendary, 6 epic, and one rare) yesterday from both offers combined.

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My iphone doesn’t show the deal either (was on note 9 first) only the essence one + as I said, before lowering the unowned skins number further, I saw the deal + I opened over 100 chests with essence - it’s not fully random at all and few skins dominated big time + had things like 3 times in a row the same skin (churn clown). You know how statistically possible is that if it’s random among all the close to 200 skins? Not to worry, pull it alteast 10 times more + few other skins was similar and filled 2/3 of the chests. :wink:

Edit: to make it clear, I am not 100% saying it’s on purpose, just sharing how I feel about it and what happened. :frowning:

Edit2: all the skins I don’t own right now and when the deal disappeared are 4 legendaries and two opals ones for higher price than the deal. :slight_smile:

I was able to pull a good amount of skins for my essence including Origins Idris, Netherknight Vox, and Summer Party Gwen. All my essence comes from when they migrated from the card system to this one so I also have a lot of skins, so being able to use my essence to get new skins I dont own is really nice.

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I got a lot of good skins. I got Kandi Twirl Koshka, Poseidon Lance, the Miho skin, and some other rares and epics like Bandit Caine. Really glad I could finally put my essence to real use

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Spent 10K essence, got all duplicates and THIS.

Am i lucky or am i lucky?


I got the legendary Varya skin in my second-to-last pull yesterday after being compensated for the essence bug the first time the chest was up. I might have spent 28k (not counting duplicates, so closer to 40k), and I might only have 400 essence now, but it was worth it. Besides, I’ll be able to craft it in a month or two.

What bug?

This text will be blurred

I got the new forest kestrel blueprint from the essence chest.

I tried to craft the blueprint, but the first attempt, it ate my 2500 essence. I thought it was a visual error so I closed and reopened the app but nothing.

I tried again successfully but the unlocked screen didn’t even show up.

Also, I got origins idris multiple times from that chest. I had won it in an event and seeing it just appear in a chest kinda ruins its clout.