Someone tell me I'm not going insane

Aight I always see stuff like the subreddit is full of white knights but I personally thought they were alright. The only thing they seem to be super aggressive towards are balance changes but that is because they cannot buy balance changes. But after posting this . I think I am dealing with people who have gone beyond white-knighting.

I’m not too sure if I incorrectly phrased the fact that I am fine with the monetization of skins, talents, and Battle Pass. The post feels run-on to me now but the point was to express my opinion on how f2p players get the short stick that somehow keeps getting shorter. They removed end of season rewards and have chests that were meant to be “MOAR THINGS FOR FREE” but we don’t have basic free elements either. But the three comments feel so copypasta I just can’t.

Is there something inherently wrong with what I said?


Why try to post stuff there? @ThePinkOtter already fought them off once last week for his own post about adrenaline.

I don’t even try to post my ideas there ( my plus style skin selection to declutter recolors from making the up and down skin selection list longer) and it barely got any feed back. Ill just keep that to myself and be content.

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This is no real goal here, no target to focus on.
Any new player would be left out thinking how to unlock new skins after going through the 1st week fun ride of unlocks and stuff.
This was/is my problem with those others MoBAs.
They either require money or hella time to unlock cool things which shouldn’t be the only way to unlock them.
We have around 150 skins SEMC could use some of the rare ones to create quests, completing them would rewards players with rare skins.
This pure luck based grinding is no fun even for me and no point thinking how bad it is for new folks.
Skin is the only thing I see in this game as collectables and any new way the give us to unlock them is welcome as long as it’s not behind a wall inaccessible by f2p ppls.

Holy shit reddit is jammed, I thought to reply there for a change and those 2 replies just turned me away.

I use reddit for most things but for video games I prefer forums over reddit and discord.

you are entitled to your own wrong opinion

What a shit thing to say. Vg reddit is so horrid.


Alright gonna be brutally honest here.
Reddit is probably one of the worst sites ever created for civil discussion. I see it only being overshadowed by twitter.

Most people on reddit who are THAT type of commenter are kids who can’t see anything from any perspective other than their own. Some people on reddit are cool, by those people don’t comment that much.

Expanding on the adrenaline example, I didn’t even specifically say that VG should remove stutterstepping, but I got cussed out on it like I had. I merely presented points with no conclusion and then got called a noob and told to uninstall. It didn’t help that everyone treated each point as their own arguments instead of a combination of points like I clearly intended.

Don’t post to reddit thinking anyone is going to like you, especially when you have a different opinion. The only thing they love over there are really shitty no effort VG memes. Only go these for a larger voice in the crowd of low IQ baboons asking for Celeste skins.

Hell, I’d even advise you make you open your point with something subjective to get them in the wrong mood and make them all pissy and mad to stir up comments. You’ll get more traction that way, if you do want to make some sort of splash. Big threads also help, since there’s more for people to nitpick.

I think you’re overstating the reaction to your post… You called stutter-stepping/adrenaline unfair, unintuitive, impossible to balance, unnecessary, and stupid. It’s not a stretch to infer that you think it might as well be removed. Only one responder was a tier-flexer, and they didn’t say ‘noob’ they said you were likely a low-tier player. That’s still dismissive, but… just being accurate. And only one responder told you to delete the post, and no one said you should uninstall (unless I missed it). Both of them were idiots, but I thought most of the other responses were pretty fair and addressed your points decently. Unless you got DMs about it too, but that’s not what you mentioned, so I’m just responding to the public posts.

Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of reddit either. It’s too easy to miss good content if you’re not checking every day, and it’s annoying to re-visit threads for new posts (especially on bigger conversations) because they’re hidden in nested replies of old and new content.

@SideRaiderr I don’t necessarily agree with all the points in your reddit post, but I don’t know why in the holy heck you got downvoted like that, especially in your reply. Jeez. My guess is that it’s a combination of things. Some people probably downvote negative posts as a rule, which is lame, and other people likely downvote posts they think are spammy, which is more understandable. I say spammy because it’s not really a new insight to say that “VG’s free benefits aren’t as good as I’d like” so people probably respond negatively since they’ve read it so many times. Not sure.

I think people would be more receptive if you had phrased it less like a declaration, or tried to open discussion with open-ended questions like “Should SEMC reward higher-tier players for their ranked progress, and if yes, what kind of rewards would you like to see? Could there even be tier-based rewards in the battle pass?” Then maybe you get a convo about f2p options and play incentives, instead of backlash from people who just think you only want free stuff.


Yeah I felt that way shortly after the first reply. I should have probably not brought up the first paragraph at all because it is what ppl read. It was mostly about how f2p is basically dead considering the different aspects being connected to those f2p things. It’s not skill based to earn rewards but instead just RNG locked or really bad rewards. They seem to not want the end-of-season rewards which just baffle me and everyone literally just repeated “wow look another player who wants only free stuff this game would have been dead if everyone was like u” and I’m just thinking that though I’m not a heavy spender and I just get deals when I see value in them, I still spend.