Some suggestions!

I realize that y’all are hard at work and things may come at a later date but her are a few suggestions I’d like to add… (I’m viewing in mobile chrome)

  1. Display Post Count of a user in thread view
  2. Add members online at the bottom of the front page
  3. Add a thicker borerline under the category name to separate it from the threads
  4. Add a section in your profile to state which region you play Vainglory in
  5. Lower the 30 character minimum to something more reasonable
  6. Rather then having plain text at the top of page, use a banner with some sweet artwork instead to really catch a users eye
  7. Complete overhaul of the groups page for a more user friendly experience
  8. More background selections for users
  9. Add a tutorial page directly related to the forums and how to do certain actions such as changing your name.
  10. An actual quote button in mobile would be nice, highlighting text for the quote to show up seems like a neat idea but most users aren’t gonna assume that’s what needs to be done.
  11. Add a sub category in forum stuff for suggestions to keep an organized - done
  12. Possibly add the Forum Stats to the bottom of the front end page rather then the about me section
  13. Revamp the welcome message from the bot when first creating an account to a more helpful message with links to how-to tutorials for the forums.
  14. Revamp Category Descriptions, some of these are default descriptions and some could be worded better (I can go into more detail if needed)
  15. Profile Alignment in mobile view. It’s cluttered and could be way better!
  16. Make the reply box at the bottom with a thick outline so It can be seen clearly

Now I realize some of these may be already being worked on but I wanted to state it anyways. Once again, I’m am using a mobile device to view the forums. I may add more more to the list as I keep using the forums!



Updated the list of suggestions

Make the reply box at the bottom with a thick outline so It can be seen clearly

Great suggestion! I added that to the list.

Ill see if I can come up with a few more

Btw @Phrosts how you quote me?

I’m not sure in desktop view but in mobile view you highlight the text you want to quote and the quote button will pop up next to it.

Ok got it now I know :slight_smile:

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A limit of 10 or 15 words is reasonable, it prevents people from replying trash like “ok” “lol” “git gud” etc.

The logo looks a bit out of place with the whole interface, it would look great if it had white background while keeping the shadowing, so it looks a bit polished.

Just a test I guess I have to make it 30 chars okay

You know I should probably make this a wiki so we can track all the suggestions easily.

I’d also like at some stage for us to make a road map because we have some cool plans but they will take time for us to get going (keeping in mind everyone here is a volunteer).

So regarding 14 - which categories and how should the description be improved?

I’ve “upgraded a bunch of them” but I want them all to be clear.

I will need to go through them again since you updated it recently, gonna grab a bite to eat then get on it.