Some positive and negative effects (and the tweak to Stealthed) I want to see in this game and the naming for some unnamed positive effect(s)

So here are some positive and negative effects and naming of unnamed positive effect(s) I want to see in the game: (Please tell me if I miss any heroes)
Invulnerable: Immune to all damage and negative effects: (Taka’s A “Kaiten”)
Protected: Immune to all damage. (Lorelai’s Legendary Talent “Wonder Bubble” and Kensei’s Epic Talent “Enlighted Kensho”).
Stasis: Immune to all damage and negative effects at the cost of not being able to attack. (Idris’s Ult “Shimmer Strike”, Malene’s B Dark Form “Wicked Escapade” and Reza’s Ult “Netherform Detonator” ).
Unstoppable: Immune to all negative effects.
Stealth: Changes: Body of the hero becomes hollow, leaving a blurred image of the terrains covered by the hero before Stealth. Can’t be basic attacked and doesn’t show up on the minimap. Can be revealed by vision items. (Pre-changes: Flicker’s Perk “Willow Whisper” and Ult “Mooncloak”, Kestrel’s B “Active Camo” and Taka’s B “Kaku”).
Invisible: Completely cannot be seen instead of having a hollow body while having the other benefits and weakness of Stealth.
Unrevealable: Invisible and can’t be revealed by vision items.
Negative effects:
Snared: Unable to use movement-based abilities like dashes (removed, used to be for Lyra’s B “Bright Bulwark”).
Time Stop: Halt all damage over time, healing over time buffs and debuffs and cooldown and making the target unable to attack, receive damage, heal and receive healing.
Blinded: Make basic attacks miss, dealing no damage.


Stun, root, knock up, taunt, fear

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Names of unnamed effects and new ones.