Some improvement needed in vainglory

Just wanted to share a video i made on some improvements needed to vainglory.
Please share your thoughts on it.

Not going to lie, and, I don’t mean this rudely, but to post the video as “some improvements needed to vainglory” to be met with “I’mma do this shit ‘til they murda me”, then following that with “Lets talk shit about Vainglory”, I took a very hard pass.

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The intro doesnt mean im going to talk shit about the game i love for the rest of my life .All im talking about is the improvements needed and nothing else. I been playing for 2 years. I will be doing a video with the same intro but this time explaining why the game is the best moba out of all the others out there so that also will not make sense because im talking nice things about the game after that intro. Please dont take it like that.if im a hater i could go to aov forums or mobile legend forums and share it there.

I appreciate the wholesomeness of your response but I think you took my words out of context. It’s just an unattractive and unnecessary way to start a video. It’s my two cents. I’m not going to dislike a video if you talk badly about a game I like, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with that.


Let’s start with improvement one that we can control be better gamers and community members

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You really need to replace that cringy and trendy thumbnail with something else. Just saying.


Chill dude It not my 10th video,its my second one. And i did it to talk about the improvements not about the thumbnail or the i just wanted to make a quick vid about it for fun and to know if other players thoughts about that.

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