Some hero rework ideas

So I feel like some heroes deserve some love over others but that love can’t be given because they have really simple kits or their kit is missing some stuff that seems kinda crucial to their success in a fight?


So this guy has a lot of stuff going for him sometimes. He has damage, survivability, and boots. The best part is I can name all the things that counter the things I just mentioned. Shield, mortal wounds, and uh stun.

His perk is cool, his Winter Spire is chill, and that ice shroud thing he has for his B is nice. His Ult is lit and thats the problem. His Ult is like just there it doesn’t do anything for him clearly considering the fact that most Reim players don’t max the Ult and may not even use it. Maybe they use the Ult to lock down people but that is clearly not what’s happening because first item on Reim should be Journey boots. People most often just use the Ult to do some damage while they locked someone down, or block off a path so people can’t pass through. So here are some rework ideas on his kit:

A ability: Winter Spire

  • The first part of the ability lets Reim gain a speed boost as he stands on it. The speed boost is gone once the ice is gone.

This was done so Reim can reposition around a target he has already locked down instead of using boots, so if the hero dashes away then he can possibly be locked down again giving Reim a kill.

Ultimate: Skye of Valkyries (complete rework)

  • This is a duration ability that scales with health. With max scaling this ability goes up to 6 seconds. (1 sec/2 sec/4 sec).

  • When Reim activates this ability his model has a more tinted blue.

  • Reim gains 1.0 movement speed.

  • During the duration, Reim is not affected by slows and stuns. Any other forms of CC such as silence, root, and sleep will apply.

  • Winter Spire has a slightly larger radius and at the end of the ability a Valkyrie falls from the sky (same amount it takes as it took before). If the opponent is chilled then the Valkyrie dropping is instantaneous.

Notable changes:

  • Reim no longer has a 3.5 movement speed but instead 3.3.

  • Valkyrie no longer has a stun effect but instead a guaranteed slow of 40%.

this will be edited in the future with hopefully a Joule Ult rework!

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I feel like they should add another ice hero a massive control ice mage damage is decent but zone control should be amazing such A ability like Samuel , B ability is Permafrost freeze ground deals damage heavy slow wider area than Samuels b and if hit with a while active freeze them…ult should be a Blizzard freeze everything in area same radius as B ability and explodes after use B is reset…just thoughts sorry for punctuation not my best :smiley:

" first item on Reim should be Journey boots"
SInce the time i started playing reim a year back, this is what ive been doing. Start with energy and crystal bit. FInish one rotation. Get boots. Finish another rotation and get t2 boots. By lvl 6 you’ll have your JB. Then get an eve. Go to lane and wreck opp carry. And both reims B adn Ult can root and stun only if “something” is done. The something is- enemies need to be chilled for root and they need to be near the middle for a stun. And people dont know that. People think of his B as a useless move that does very low area damage lol.

I really like your ideas.
Don’t rework joules Ult Unless it is to give a different wp effect.

Doesn’t gaining move speed feel kinda weird for an old man constantly complaining about his backache and old age slowing him down?

Reim is suppose to be a short range control/DPs mage,he’s basically Phinn with less defense and more damage.And you don’t even know how many kills I secured with the ult.Its a very good skill to bait out an enemy’s aegis before you root them or the other way around.And if both land,that pretty much a free kill on anyone that’s not a tank.

:wink: kekekekekekekekekekekekkekekekekekekekkekekekke

then they should make him into a turret. just think of it is an old man giving his all for like his final year

I mostly get JB on Reim so I can actually gank since like he doesn’t really have any movement ability. He doesn’t do that well in lane either unless he has a Lyra or a Ardan always there giving him some movement speed so he can root you and poke/kill you.

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That movement speed drop on 5v5 is not good
The Ult is interesting, but his stun is important to his kit. But I see the slow so its good.
And a nice effect with it too? Okay I like it :slight_smile:

He gets 1.0 extra movement speed on top of the Journey Boots first item he purchased and during his Ult he can’t be slowed or stunned so I mostly did that nerf so he doesn’t move super crazy and become oppressive. 40% slow is basically like a worse stun, enemy can still move and use abilities but they don’t move very well.

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And the moves they do have can’t lock you down. That is the reason for the stun. To stop counterplay…

Your solution offers the same only inverse which is better because it affects all enemies.

I was talking about 3v3 and idk reim in 3v3 feels strong. 5v5 nah. Heroes that sustain and are strong in 3v3 are not that great in 5v5. JB or not, i m definitely not scared of reims in 5v5.