Some concept art I stumbled upon from Jax Jocson

I recently came across the Artstation of Jax Jocson, one of the freelance artists SEMC has hired for skin art in the past, and I thought some of the concept art was worth sharing.

More can be seen on the previous link.


Just checked the link, there’s some concept art on there that looks suspiciously like an early design for Inara too…

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Ah, I seemed to have missed it. If it’s an early Inara concept (which is pretty likely), it’s interesting to see how much she’s changed, especially with the abilities and her weapon.

Yeah, there’s two different weapons there, the first one looks somewhat like Reza’s chains (which is probably why they ditched it) and the second is closer to what she has now, although still significantly different.

Just FYI, please don’t post ALL the concept art from someone’s ArtStation or wherever. A representative sample and a link to their profile or gallery is far preferable, both to help keep our storage costs reasonable and – more importantly – to generate more visitors to the artist’s portfolio pages, where works are displayed as they themselves prefer.

Also, instead of using the “hidden” feature, I’d prefer you use one of the two gallery options to show the highlighted works, if you post more than one image.


Right, my bad. Tried my best to fix my mistake and edited the OP to reduce the content shown and for easier viewing. Won’t happen again should I come across more art/artists.

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There’s one fort card art done by the artist, one day I’ll get to see all of them completely

There’s also an interesting drawing in her instagram (reached through the sketches link on her website) that looks like the template for Flicker (cf. the red panda color development thumbnails), done up like the Cheshire Cat… skin development, maybe?