Soloq vs full party

Like I know the game struggling finding full party vs full party same skill tier
But why you matching full soloq against full party

When I saw the enemy has the same guild , I said maybe they got matched together , but they were actually full party , onesided game , one of my teammates was good but he picked questioned pick but still we could win if enemy wasn’t super coordinated .

The worst thing was Losing double the points , matching me with a full party and taking double the points.

Too much strong heroes in 3v3 , matching a full party against full soloq is a big mistake , 1 solo and duo against full party could work , but a whole team of soloq is very bad against full party .

Delete the party button and therefore the MM will always pair you with soloq players :slightly_smiling_face:

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The question is when did they decide to match soloq vs full party ? , if it’s back someone should tell us to abuse it and rank up fast ?! , or is it a bug or no one full party at all that time but them ? .

Dang. I did not think as a solo q you would be linked up vs a full party. Against a duo, yes. That’s tough!

They used to match full party vs soloq in the past but they decided to split the queue , soloq vs full party was causing a lot of problems , imagine how broken it was while they were taking care of 3v3 , so bringing back full party vs soloq in this 3v3 bad situation could kill the mode .

Maybe we’ve discovered their undercover plot! Kill 3v3!!

Speculation on my part:

I think SEMC expected 3v3 to just die on its own when 5v5 came out – helped by the balance issues introduced when heroes were adjusted for the new mode. I think they were surprised by the fact that 3v3 remained popular, and they have finally decided they need to pay attention to the fact that a LOT of players prefer it to 5v5.


Reason why it got more brawl modes for it and the promise of balancing (which I’m still waiting to become true).


If 3v3 is ever balanced, I’m probably dropping 5s.

Hell, if they gave us two bans for 3s, I’d move back.

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Hahaha, then let’s hope they balance it as quick as possible!

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I thought this as well. 3v3 and 5v5 are different games and I don’t think semc realized how different. To simplify, in 3v3 it’s much more of a lvl and item race, and all about positioning in the jungle. Lane is kind of the last goal for your team and more of something you maintain rather than try to win, at least early game.

In 5v5, lanes are the objective early game, dragon camps in river are the secondary objective late game, and jungle is somewhere you go to get an advantage over a certain lane or to pick off enemy junglers for a lead in gold/a buff in power.

They are two completely different playstyles as I find 3v3 is a cat and mouse game of who can stay safest while getting the biggest lead in gold and items in order to push the lane and force enemies out of jungle to defend it (and way more about getting them kills!), while 5v5 is more strategic in terms of when you are positioned where on the map and how much support you can afford to put in a specific lane in order to push it, and relies way more on team map awareness than 3v3 does, not to mention jungle is way more of a pit stop between lanes than somewhere you’re supposed to stay (and is way more about objective control).

Basically, it comes down to 3v3 being much less of a thinking mans game and more of a straight up battle of skill and will, while 5v5 is much more about deciding where to be and how to play there (and where NOT to be) than it is about your actual skill and will. You can be terrible in 5v5 but if you coordinate your team it doesn’t matter as much, while in 3v3 you really have to have individual skill to make the dream work, as your lack of skill is much more impactful both solo and in teamfights.

Just some critical observations from someone who can’t help critically observing :slight_smile:.


I get matched with tier 9 players in 3v3 but they are t10 in 5v5 , they play so bad , 3v3 bad decisions lead to losing the game and 5v5 player doesn’t understand that , as skill lvl you could as 3v3 player to outplay 2 other players in 5v5 , but when a 5v5 player try to outplay 1v2 against 3v3 he/she fail so bad , it’s a different game .

And I agree with the rest comments about fixing 3v3 , but honestly with matching full party vs soloq I see a dead mode not an improved mode , they promised a balance and they didn’t make it , are they going to make 3v3 a brawl mode map and stop the rank and casual modes ?!