Soloq 3v3 ? Stressful?

I feel 3v3 is getting stressful for me as a soloq player , like matchmaking giving me lower tier soloq players against higher tier party player , I noticed this in my last games , even with that situation we could win like I know exactly what we should do to win , but my team giving them the advantage , like how Iam supposed to win against them if they baiting my teammates .

One game I surrendered while we had a big advantage because I know we reached a point where my team not going to realize the baiting strategy enemy doing , our comp is better than their comp and as a party they have the planning advantage , and they kept baiting my team to the worst fight scenarios and they won the last fights and I surrendered even with us still had a higher chance winning the game .

Especially the kraken not giving a buff change , this is can actually turn the table in any match , you have lower death cooldown and no kraken buff decision making here always stressful , I made a decision of taking kraken a lot of times but my team not following , if you not taking the right time place decision you just giving the enemy ways to come back , and people who have a low health and not recalling after taking kraken are annoying .


I played soloq last season trying to rank it a little bit since after 5v5 elease i diddnt really play it.

Had similar experience and there were much more parties at every rank tham i remember before.

SEMC did say this is now tryhard mode. I myself partyed twice with peoeple as i was climbing ( not far to 6 silver).

I rarely party in 5v5 but soloq temamate frusttation at these ranks was too big so i didnt decline invites.

I was checking twitch recently and found a guy playing 3v3 , he was new to the game and trying heroes , what got me was the 5v5 ranked closed for him but 3v3 ranked open , so he was playing 3v3 ranked over 5v5 casual to gain experience , Iam thinking about smurfing but I don’t know , because the 3v3 ranked opened for new players I guess .

The chaos on matching soloq vs parties in my opinion is worst in this meta , like I remember a guy spamming Magnus with his party friend , and matched against him twice and he won both of them , now you know what to banned next but is your team going to listen ? .

Its the same in 5v5 though. The removal of casual didnt helped the queue either.

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I agree. Also, the block list doesn’t seem to block people – it just prevents you having to put up with them on your team. Twice now I’ve downvoted someone for being toxic and immediately matched with them again, this time on the other team.

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I played recently as a roam for 2 different junglers and laners , from the beginning of the match they started to troll each other , one taking the other farm and one turret diving as a response it was chaos , like clearly they downvoted each other why you giving them to me , why do you want me to suffer .

The blocklist only for your teammates , I had a long discussion about how useless it is to only block your troll teammate and not the enemy troll , it’s just a troll circulation , but I guess they doing this because they assume the troll or the bad play is temporary from frustration and tilt .

The MM will try not to put those you downvote in your team, but they can still appear in the enemy team or, in some cases, in your team.

That’s hardly a “block list” then … more like a “undesirables list.” :unamused: If that’s really the way it works, they honestly should never have promoted the feature, because (as usual) they are setting an expectation that they are failing to live up to.

SEMC: always over promising and under delivering.

Was said in reddit and by Sonata in Maxman’s stream, and seeing how its working right now It seems to be true.

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