So this happened

So i was in draft and people on my team were fighting for bot lane, in the end neither yielded and they basically said in draft that double bot lane it is. At this point i was like ■■■■ this shit so i forced closed the vainglory app in order to dodge and then 3 minutes later i open it again and surprise surprise i didn’t actually dodge and i was just standing there in base. At this point i was furious because the game should have been dodged, i forced closed vainglory when the draft was clearly still underway why did the game load ? Since only 3 minutes have passed i wasn’t sure whether the game recognized me as an afk so i closed the vainglory app once again to give my team afk forgiveness because i ruined the game. But guess what, i open the vainglory app again 15 minutes later, the match is over, i get spoils of war but no deserter warning and i still have great karma. Turns out the game never recognized me as an afk, my vainglory app was closed for 15 minutes straight and somehow i am not afk. How broken is this game ?


This game is not worth the time anymore. Ive pretty much stopped playing. Just come for the weekend events. So many bugs, so many problems. Ive been playing a lot of brawl stars instead.

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I agree the game is not worth investing any effort into it, i would still rather play Vg than a supercell game tho.

There are a ton of bugs, I agree. Since I’ve resumed playing this season, I have run into numerous incredibly annoying ones (hitboxes that don’t correspond to the visuals, “ghosts” appearing in bushes from time to time, spots on the map where you literally cannot attack anything, instances where a character suddenly gets teleported somewhere else on the map, the long-standing auto attack bugs …) – so frustrating that the number and severity of gameplay bugs has increased, not decreased.


Then you realize that they want to expand their platform along with all the bugs :alphabarf:


Yah. As I’ve been saying for years, their lack of attention to detail during development will eventually come back to bite them – hard.

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I think the afk system works fine , because my enemy didn’t show up in lane for about 2 minutes and the enemy surrendered , maybe the game bugged because of the supposed to be dodge situation ?! , what if you had (the vision bug) the ability to see enemy anywhere in the map but you weren’t interested in the game and wasted easy win , because if the game doesn’t recognize you as afk could mean you were a spectator .

Lol you lucked out. Not so much your team. I remember being on the opposite end once: I was in a draft and someone else dodged. Somehow I was the one that got lpqed. And I had no prior infractions for like, a good week as far as I know so it couldn’t have been just downvoting.

Even though the duration of the patches has doubled to fix bugs. I wonder what they are wasting that extra month on, because it’s ckearly not in fixing bugs nor balancing.

I had fog of war and could only see allies

Conserving money and dev power (that is thin after key members leaving and also split between the crossplatform thing that means a lot of devs put elsewhere). From update every month they moved really fast to 2 months, this is literally half the content and meta evolving every year… :frowning:

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Having a delayed updates is something expected to happen but I don’t think they are in a place allowing them to do that , it’s something for successful games reached a peak or something and they taking things slowly , they throw excuses like fixing bugs , fixing bugs is something you can do every update and it’s a never stop work , the real reason they doing that is in my opinion they want to reach this (2+ month) updates because update every month is stressful and they need to break the every month update at somepoint and it happened now , so I don’t think they going to do every month update , unless the game suddenly do worst they may go back to update monthly .

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