So the Switch Pokemon games were finally revealed

So for those of us who have been keeping up with leaks, rumors of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee have been pretty big things. They’re real.

THE GRAPHICS ARE SO GOOD IN COMPARISON TO SUN/MOON. The one joycon control scheme looks interesting and having co-op is really cool. Additionally, the Pokemon go features are actually making me want to pick it back up.

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I don’t like the connecting to Pokemon go any side game connecting with the franchise has always left a sour taste in my mouth

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what the heck. what if you already have all the pokemon in GO! ? you can transfer it to this game? that seems like cheating. lol. But we’ll see.

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You can do the same with previous gen Pokemon I have went through and transfered new from gen 1 all the way up to alpha Sapphire

Probably I guess. They didn’t care about it when pokebank came out

Which reminds me that I forgot to renew my sub and I’m rlly worried I won’t be able to use it on the new games bc it’s on a separate Nintendo account than the one on my switch and I forgot the login to it. I have my living dev on it too ;-;

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Pokebank runs off you Pokemon account not Nintendo. They have always allowed you to transfer Pokemon from old gen to new the pokebank just was. A way to make money doing it

I am 100% not convinced this is the true successor to US/UM, by any means. Surely it is a new Pokemon game but I do not believe it is the next Pokemon game.

Edit: to add to all our Pokemon talk, my Pokemon love story/claim to fame is I hand-caught and evolved everything in Pokemon Pearl (latest at the time), including transferring from other games from as far back as possible, and received the black trainer card.

I then had to sell my DS which I included all my games with. So I put my favorite Pokemon - a Kingdra I had since Emerald - on my Poke-walker, and kept that. Still have it, still runs. Not sure if I’m ready for when that thing stops working for good.

I just wanted to share that.

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oh, so this feature isn’t new.

I kinda skipped playing pokemon when it came out. Got bored of it.

Even playing Pokemon Go! only lasted a few months. lol. I came to the conclusion that i didn’t want to catch em all. lol.

They limit things with the badge system. Pokemon of x level to y level will only listen to you if you have z badge

Yeah, it’s confirmed not to be the next core game, it’s just a really elaborate spin-off with the focus on motion controls, coop, and Go stuff. The next gen 7/8 games were confirmed to be in 2019. The free Quest game just got released on the Switch too. Playing it atm and it’s pretty neat


I’ve anyways liked the spin off games more after playing a few of the main ones. Love having your Pokemon follow you as you travel, so cute!
Just looked at Pokemon quest looking forward to that now too, not too fond of how it looks but it grows on you, be great to have that on the go

Wasn’t that only for traded pokemon though

Yes and no to get it to another gen you either needed a friend or a 2nd system(the 2nd system was common though as you had so many versions of each generation

Been playing some Pokémon Quest, it’s fine I guess

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Yeah, all the typical mobile game stuff like the energy system and premium currency kinda suck but it’s a free switch game that’s Pokemon, I’m not gonna complain.

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It’s clearly a game designed for mobile/tablets that Switch owners get to ‘enjoy’ a little earlier. The control scheme is horrible if you don’t use the touch screen.
I’m only at lvl 3-5 atm, I guess it’s the kind of game that gets gradually more grindy, unless you shell out some cash.
But yeah it’s free so whatever