So some of the treants are placeholder right?


So basically 5v5 overall is great, possibly the best looking 5v5 map ive ever seen (i havent played lol and dota 2 so idk their 5v5 map looks like), but the only thing that annoys me is that there are treants almost everywhere, i know the gold treant will turn to a gold toad, but what about the wp and cp treants?? i hope they change it with a different type of monster and the healing treant should be the only treant-type monster in 5v5.


They are placeholders. The gold oak is intended to be a big toad. As for the buff camps, they might become something later.


They all will be changed eventually as I’ve heard


The gold treant will turn into gold toad as said before. The wp and cp treants will prob be orb guardians as mentioned when they spawn. No idea what that will look like though :wink:


One is going to be Nivmett, the other will be PlayoffBeard. You heard it here first.


Will be confusing though when people play using the Nivmett skin for Ardan (courtesy of Yuvitrolls on twitter)