So I Just Logged In After A Week (And Boiii....Those Bans)

So many bans. So many downvotes accounted for. Satisfied customer, lol.

They aren’t bans, they are only LPQ.

Yes I know but just seeing so many people lpqed for their shenanigans – I usually downvote trollers or intentional dodgers – made me happy. I’m hoping they got caught in a cycle of lpqs for christmas. Had a game where I decided to try to show some good wp saw play that’s not trolling and they just babysat until their lanes got taken so I said screw it, switched my whole build to cp. Now if that one stupid Lyra woudla helped we still woulda won as we had advantage in turrets, but noo. Her and Magnus decided to troll me while I carried my team through about 8 minutes of bitter contesting 4v5 for the win. Lyra comes back, does some work, sees a dragon unleashed and what? Goes back to base. We kill dragon. Have enemy 4(5)v2. And what does Lyra come back and do? Clear a minion wave while I’m pinging blackclaw then go back to base after we explicitly had advantage. Mind you I went 12/7/10 with WP Saw in a ranked match and I flipped to cp. Only person who went positive. Shoulda just straight carried as cp. Game community kills me.

Edit: Aaand either Lyra or Magnus got lpqed. See? It’s a placebo effect I don’t mind lol.