So about Off Topic

Are there any plans to implement it in the near future? Or is there already one and I’m just as dense as a brick?

Up at the top right, choose the “hamburger” icon as it’s called around here (three horizontal line menu button).

-> choose groups
-> find OffTopicDenzien
-> join
-> enjoy #off-topic

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Ah I see, thanks. (30 characters)

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don’t see it

Don’t see what? The menu (upper right next to the magnifying glass (search) icon)? Or the OffTopicDenizen group?

Here’s a low-effort guide, let me know if it helps. :+1:

So where is the broken pipe…

It’s #the-broken-pipe, the group to join for access is ConsumerOfLeeks

why I can’t open it :frowning:

If you haven’t joined it yet, follow my post above but apply it to ConsumerOfLeeks rather than OffTopicDenzien.