Snow bunny GWEEEEN

Best gold chest opening ever. I got my Gwen! The one I preferred too!

Not to mention legendary Ardans Blueprint and a nice charm (I can finally spam taunts again it’s been so long.

Not to mention it came off a sweaty ranked win (tbh I was more concerned about protecting my Yeetes win rate than losing rank)


That’s a really nice chest drop !! Congrats !!


Got it!


how do you get golden keys aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Oof, that’s a good one, I have the same question Pigge has screee

Last season battle pass. I had 8 keys, also playing. They can drop after the matches.

I got two from a month, but no gold chest. :smiley:
that celeste skin… great one.

Yeah… Sadly i dont play her XD

I have like 3 golden keys, but only silver and bronze chests (for which I have no keys) @RSerperior

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I cri

It’s been like this since Kinetic release…

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You didnt buy the BP?

I just buy the new X4 bundle that got 14400 ice, 8 gold chest/keys and 8 epic keys. From the gold chests:
Snowbunny gwen, winged ozo, inara skin, cyber crul, yates skin, snowqueen celeste. Obv they created a better chest than the epic 1000 ice ones.

Really a lucky one. Got cyber krul and celeste in one chest.

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