Smash’s Corner: About Dat Joystick

Hi fam!

Wanted to make a quick post (for posterity) about this mega-hot topic… mostly because I’m worried that an old article could be related in unintended ways.

Ultimately, even though I’m the guy who’s always going off about the potential of touch controls in gaming… this joystick thing is 100% a good thing.

My two cents:

The addition of joystick controls actually opens up Pandora’s Box in the contexts I generally write within.

With joystick controls, we can:

  • compile data about different control systems being used and compare them
  • study the long term effects on the wrists of veteran VG players who switch to joystick controls
  • can compare the two in a lab, and empirically define pros and cons of each in relation to performance in the game
  • and so, so much more sport science stuff!

What I’m saying, is that joystick controls will let all of you either eradicate my POV or flat-out prove it. My bet is that touch controls are in fact superior, and are exponentially so considering longer play time periods.

But without a different control scheme, me being wrong or right is not really provable. Moving forward now, it may be very provable (or wrong lol).

And that my VG fam, is good for this game, and even video games as a whole.

I’m not trying to come off like an arrogant prick here… just sayin… maybe the reason we all love VG so much… is actually due to the mental freedom a controller-free experience provides?!

Cheers and kill ‘em softly out there! :beers:

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@idmonfish tagging you because you were in my head when writing this lol!

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Just let playstation controllers sync with the game joystick problem solved

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