Slumbering Husk

So everyone’s favourite worst item in the game got some love this patch.

I can say that it’s actually pretty good now, combine this with an Aegis and you got yourself a laner who can take a hiding and still pop out the other side.

I realise it’s not a core item, but in certain situations it’s very very good.

Thoughts everyone?

Yeah it is definitely better. Especially when facing hyper carry mid laners as a tanky hero. Double aegis just wasn’t very good slot wise (and money) but you needed more shield while you also needed some armor but not really that much. So now you can stack on that shield and not be complete glass cannon against their WP carries. Not always the case of course as you said but it isn’t entirely useless now.

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Right now is my go to defensive item for hypercarries when the enemy doesn’t have hard cc, in fact, its possibly better than Aegis in those matches where there is not hard cc (only 10 less shield but with lots of benefits). It is, IMO, one of the best defensive items, specially against heroes like Reza and idris.

i thought you need flicker to hide. :stuck_out_tongue:

i supposeit will get some slight changes in the future, turning it more into an anti burst item, rather than a “do everything exept rb” item

I’ve found it very good on hyper carries, Vox for instance can mix it up quite well, safe in the knowledge his husk is going to save him in those team fights. He can actually get pretty tanky with this and a. Aegis.

Slumbering husk now counters Aftershock. Which is an interesting turn of events…

Enemy team going pure CP and you having Aegis and fountain and still melting as if you were defenseless wasn’t fun no.

Can someone do the math SH+Aegis vs BM which amount of damage comes through?