Slumbering husk buff

Make SH an activable like aegis with 30-35 second CD, that way one can get it every other team fight while not activating it multiple times in a fight.Aegis does nothing against high cp damage, the only reason it is even good is because of the reflex block. Squishies get bursted down even with an aegis, at max they can take 2-3 more hits before dying. Making SH an activable will help squishies survive while getting aegis/MJ might be better front line tanks. High crit already melts through MJ and every CP hero gets a BM which makes defense weaker. I can understand that more defenses means longer games and team fights which result in either side not having an advantage but this one might help squishies survive a bit longer.

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Hell no I prefer keep it as a passive already have to many activatable items in this games we don’t need another


No carry is going to have a cluttered activable screen. They would have aegis anyway so it is just another activable instead of that.Any other reason for not wanting this except ‘no need more activables’?

Less things to keep track of. Chances are as a carry or ‘squishy’ you’re responsible for a good portion of the damage output, as well as keeping yourself out of harm’s way. Knowing when to hit Aegis is hard enough already, I’d rather take the automatic use of SH over another activatable any day.

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Right now enemies can waste your SH by doing a first burst of damage to trigger it and switching targets to another enemy and then kill the first target.

SH automatically triggering has downsides timing wise so it isn’t all sunshine and roses.

SH is vs burst damage aegis is vs CC.

Why is why I want it to be an activable. It activates randomly now, the buff is good but making it an activable would increase its usage. It is very niche right now, I have never seen pros build it and even nullwave gets used rarely


Having it activate automatically means that you get the remaining 3/4ths of your health bar fortified. By the time you get to pressing it after getting dived, you’re already dead. It wouldn’t even matter late game as the automatic proc only gives you a second of extra life if you misposition.


Versus 4 or 5 people yeah.
But when only 2-3 people can hit you it often is enough to stay alive. Also SH doesn’t discriminate between CP and WP damage unlike aegis and Metal Jacket which have very low defense vs the other dmg type.

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Agreed. More activable items is clumsy and unnecessary