Sky Spirit Inara (Alternate Fate)

Feathered Anka wanted a friend in her exclusive skin theme so I thought Inara would fit :haha:


Smol lore summary is that Inara is in a alternate timeline where she wasnt a Forest Guardian but the Protector of the Sky.

^Loose representation of the skin concept. (Since I cant draw nor find a good photo :potoo:)

Still has the deer look but the color palette would be shades of blues and whites. Inara also has wings on her back though its only for aesthetics and not practical use (Similar to Slyvan Kestrel).

• Weapon: Her basic Glaive design is remodeled to have the edge/blade changed to a more razor sharp feather look to it.
Similar to the photo below for how the edge would have looked.

• Dance of Leaves (A):
Particle effects are changed to have feathers flying around instead of stars and leaves. (Particle change)

• Banishing Kick (B):
Inara now uses her dual glaives to push back her foe and herself with a heavy gust of wind instead of kicking. (Animation change)
The Forest Sprite that lingers is changes to look less cat-like and more bird-ish. (Model change)

• Nature’s Wrath (C ):
When Inara uses Nature’s Wrath, every ally nearby that has the movement speed buff has a gust of wind swirling around their feet with white almost translucent feathers blowing from beneath them. (New effect implemented )
When Inara uses the dash or second activation, she leaves a trail of feathers behind her. (New effect implemented )


I really like this!!!

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