Skins give u wins

These are my most recent Lyra games after picking her back up. Must be the Enchantress skin I got for her. I’ve been predicting Grace dashes non stop ever since I got it! Might also have to do with the act that I can tell exactly when a Grace is looking for a dash due to playing her a lot before, but shhh :thinking:

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Ehhhhh some skins gives you wins.

Playing with Dark Lorelai with her wavy pools throws me off when Im on the edge of a pool since the camera angle often looks like im on the pool but Im really not.

Tho when I play Dynasties Blackfeather, I have a 95% chance of winning the game along with not missing CS.


We Mobile Legends now.

Some skins can help with clarity issues or obscure some parts, the green rings from Dark Siren Lorelai make her pools easier to see in messy fights.

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You should build crucible before fountain in almost every situation but specially when playing Lyra. If you’re really confident with your ability to play Lyra it should be your 4th or even 5th item, when i play Lyra i always build crucible war treads and capacitor plate as my 3 first items then my 4th item will depend on my position in the game, if my team is ahead i build rooks decree 4th then fountain 5h and if we’re behind i well get fountain 4th and rooks 5th. But crucible first is way better than fountain first even on non healing captains unless the enemies really screw up draft and have no major cc.

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Yeah I am just having a feel of what build I like the most. I mainly got Fountain because of the team wide heal which is better in the early game than her A during team fights when everyone is low. However, if I am seeing I will mostly be focusing on just one person like a later game mage I could get more health items and save Fountain for the late game

Agreed, some skins smooth out animations and make the model better, which leads to better stutters and faster farming. Plus. It gives you a confidence boost xd

Like t3 ringo , it gives you the feel of power and everything under control even if you losing the match you still get a high hope of winning and stay positive , ahhhhhh pew pew pew 1v5 .

Speaking of which, ringo hasn’t gotten a L or equivalent other than shogun huh?

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