Skins based on VG artists

I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong with the category, if so, this should go on ‘Dear SEMC’ category.

Basically, I was looking some artworks made by the own artists that work on SEMC. Like I did once ago, I realized that Baron is based on a random concept by Chainsaw. Now It’s not different.
Directly, this could be something like ‘Deap Sea’ Lorelai or maybe something like 'Reptile-ish/Amphibious1 Lorelai.



Second: Rare ‘Full Exoskeleton’ Skye.
Again, a full concept of who we know as Skye made by Chainsaw. This could be a good skin even being rare, it could be like SP Phinn that just change the model but not his abilities.


Maybe that’s all I can find for now, I mean, I found this just right now and if you want to share some ideas, you’re welcome.

Please, our beloved naga need some love.


Could you post if there are any more these? Deep-sea Lorelai would be sicks btw

I was looking for more of these but, as concept artists, they have their artworks well hidden from our eyes.
I’ll try to find more.