Skin releases should be changed

This has nothing to do with the BP system at all, and to be honest with a little bit of tuning and more consistent events this system is going to surpass the old crafting system, which limited ideas greatly and demanded art for cards.

I want to talk about how skins should be released. I feel as if they should be released to be purchased with ICE and there should be RNG boxes for them. For the first week of the skin release, there should be a discount towards purchasing the skin. Make rares stay the same price, have Epics be at around 700-800, and Legendaries be 1500-1700. ICE has no real life value so SEMC isn’t losing out on much but it will probably encourage players to buy the skin in the first week resulting in the probable chance of them purchasing ICE with real money.

The RNG chests will serve a purpose of being an ICE sinkhole so suppose you have 1250+ ICE and you want to use it somewhere. They should do the RNG chests the same way they are doing the Skaarf chest except maybe make the price increase a little bit more and have the discount for the next chest at a higher percentage.

I don’t see why players should have to wait for an entire update to purchase the skin and why they aren’t being “rewarded” for purchasing ICE. I had this thought when I looked at the Samurai Krul Blueprint and I realized how it kinda is somewhat old…