"Skill" event

So one last loss and i would be out. And this happened:

Here comes the rant: i was celeste, and i had to rotate everywhere because others don’t even know how to babysit their own lane. Our taka fed all the time, and the enemies are more skilled than my teammates. Adagio and baron did a good job but vox didn’t babysit his lane ,went directly in the enemy jungle and then proceedes to die. Our taka didn’t cleaned the jungle. The match lasted 30 minutes. They were unranked and taka, vox, and baron started to play after the 5v5 reales, so it’s understandable that they were inexperienced, but come on, the matchmaking is totally bs, i thought they could have improved it for the event, a “skill event” and i can’t carry so many people to the victory.

At least i got a red rona blueprint…

Sorry for this long rant

Edit: forgot to blurr the names

Was this casual or ranked? If this was casual its on you.

If this was ranked then that really sucks yeah…

Why the distinction? Shouldn’t casual players expect to be matched with players of the same skill level?


Why’s it on him if he couldn’t win?

They should, but it’s not like it, Casual MM doesn’t try to make teams balanced or with the same skill, it tries to give you a match as soon as possible.

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I disagree, based on my experience playing VG and based on reviewing LOTS of matches in my work with the API. Can you support that statement with some sort of proof? One of my interests is in how the VG matchmaker works, and I am seriously interested in any clues as to how it works and how it differs between modes.

That’s what the support system said to me about casual, and also, that screenshot.

Lol, one screenshot of a single match isn’t proof of anything, it’s an anecdote. (In my real life profession, I read a lot of research. Single instances are called “case reports” and while interesting, don’t add much to the understanding of the field. Large studies involving thousands of subjects – that’s a different matter.)

The statement from support is more interesting. I think we need to make a new topic to discuss the matchmaker, because I don’t want to hijack the topic further and because I’m genuinely interested. Sadly, I need to get to work, so it’ll be a bit before I can do much of anything with the new topic. Lol.

I edited to put more screenshots :slight_smile:

New topic here: Vainglory Matchmaker - Technical Discussion

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See I don’t mean to be rude but your playing tier 4 you’re going to get matched with low skill and new players. Looking at the screen grabs seems the enemy also had unranked players, you weren’t matched with VG silvers.

Yes, you are right, but the enemies had 2 players with my skill rank, while i was the only decent player on my team. That still made a difference
Strange: the game says i’m tier 5 while vgpro says i’m tier 4

It was a casual match, and its matchmaking it’s frustrating for everyone. Imagine being a new player playing casual matches with and against higher tier players. The newbie will get constantly pinged by his/her more experienced teammates because he/she
gets killed. Most of the new players plays casual and will just leave vainglory after all the salt


This is exactly what’s going to kill this game. I periodically create new accounts to examine the experience that new players see when they first start playing.

I will tell you, it’s NOT GOOD, and hasn’t been for at least a year now.


Bad casual matchmaking will lead to less new players, less players will lead to bad matchmaking and longer queue time. It’s a vicious circle

Yep, totally agree. Every day they don’t address the matchmaking issues (in BOTH ranked AND casual) means more players lost, in my opinion.

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Ranked 3v3 is very accurate ~1 subtier of difference.

I don’t know how to break this to you, but…
Two of my guildies bought the Battlegrounds thing at the same time. They went in as a duo and lost 2 games.
6 hours ago they grabbed me and two others to play. We won 7 games before losing the other two, and grabbing a random guy from a public discord (who was pretty cool and chill). We won 5 more games and turned their Battlegrounds around 0-2 > 12-2.
Just play this game with friends who know how to play well.
And instalock Kensei Celeste Phinn Reza it’s absolutely stupid.

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This may or may not be wrong but once you get past T5 your casual MM goes bonkers. Casual MM is basically trying to pair you with someone else on the enemy team who has a similar VST. That applies to your 4 other allies as well. Once you get past T5 don’t expect much from casual MM, ranked is the one there should be set expectations for but even then playing in the wrong time can get you bad teammates and bad enemies.

New players who play casual will not be suffering at all because they haven’t played ranked yet. Only difficulty will be smurfs but SMEC has kind of made it pretty impossible to smurf easily nowadays. You either end up with missing meta heroes and everyone hates you in draft or you just get bored of the account. Majority of new players will go against bad/new players.

I reached tier 7 in 3v3 and i have to admit that the 3v3 matchmakin is the most balanced. Last season i was tier 5 silver (or bronze, i don’t remember) and the casual 5v5 matchmaking was still sucked. And this is why i personally prefere 3v3