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SK Gaming leaving VG


It’s true for both vids, however, I feel like the perspective on how esports, in general, was helpful. I have been looking at them differently i.e,: that esports equals health of the game. Instead if it was an attempt, right or wrong, to advertise…well the dilemma just shifted for me, especially if there were in fact contracts involved concerning content creation. But I also, don’t think this let’s SEMC off the hook at all, in particular with their communication to the community. They have some huge issues to work through… But if what is being said about the nature of esports is true… I’m breathing a bit easier.

Now to hear from FooJee. Hoping for the best.


Well, after all the hype they generated among those people who actually do follow the VG e-sports scene, it isn’t exactly easy to go on record saying: “Yeah, see, we hosted these World Championships -or whatever- and came on stage pretending this was somehow significant -or something- but actually this was all just marketing. So long, and thanks for all the re-tweets.”

Puts a whole new perspective on football, soccer et al, though.


I agree, very disappointed… Loved watching the leagues and looking forward to Worlds and such. Just hoping this is bad planning that can be bounced back from. Seems like a possibility, rather the end of the game… Maybe a thin possibility… But there nonetheless.


I’m very much still in question about a company that operates in this fashion. Ugh


The one thing that’s been said that’s quite accurate, imo, is Iraqi’s statement that it’s like going back to the beginning in esports.

The question is whether there will be enough of an audience going forward.

Imo, the focus on esports was premature. I’m far from certain that now is the time to “refocus” on esports, especially with 5v5 still being a bit of a mess, but they probably feel they have no choice. (Otherwise it’d be an admission of defeat, which is something I can’t imagine them ever doing, even if the company itself were closing up shop.)


Well said and fully agree with you there.


SK Gaming got kicked from the VG esports program. Watch FlashX’s video for an in depth explanation. However, to summarize, VG paid orgs like SK and Misfits to join the VG esports program with the hopes that those orgs would create content for VG and in its turn, advertise VG. You ever wonder WHY VG NEVER MADE MANY YOUTUBE ADS? They invested in orgs to create content for VG, WHICH THEY DIDN’T. With that, VG didn’t grow over the previous year. So with that SEMC KICKED OUT many orgs and you will almost certainly START SEEING SOME ADS!


False. SEMC ended the “franchise” program that they ran during the 2017 season. SK Gaming, along with many other esports orgs who participated last year, then decided to leave the Vainglory esports scene.

Did you even read this thread?


The thread was a bit cursory. Nothing against, since the esports didn’t promote the game, SEMC basically ended contracts and deals with them. Yes, they could’ve stayed, but probably without getting much money from SEMC and in turn, have to pay their players themselves, which SEMC was doing. Check FlashX’s latest vid for a deeper explanation.


Sorry, kicked is the wrong word, however, it is simply that SEMC cut ties with SK, not the other way around


So you’re saying flashx is delusional?strong text