Since stormcrown is nerfed... what would replace that item with?

Say for Lyra? Would you replace it with AC? Or clockwork?

I feel like Lyra can’t really do any damage as captain lol except slowing and babysitting her allies when other heros can engage and distrupt. I mean… yes Lyra does distrupt with her B…

But yeah… I feel like captain lyra needs a little attack buff if she goes captain build…

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Captains arent mean to deal damage anyways. Also, lyra has tons of damage in the early game, which is how she was designed to be a lane pressure captain, so i dont think a damage buff is necessary. She can still use SC though.


In my opinion, Clockwork is an essential part of Lyra’s build as roam.

If your desire is to deal damage, AC. That being said, I think Lyra’s true potential to make kills comes with her insane roam/control, not just dishing out hits.

I mained Lyra for quite some time, and honestly some of the best kill records I have with her are with utilitarian/roam builds - but you should always consider at least one item to hike up your crystal damage while still considering how it’ll affect your ability to help your team.

Clockwork = faster heals, too. :thumbs:


like guest said, if you’re captain, damage isn’t what you’re looking for. captains are for utility, carries deal the damage. if you wanna semiroam then go build a SG or a clockwork along with the standard items. i personally go cruci FoR superscout war threads clockwork echo. AC works if you want to slow more.


Early game yes but late game no… she falls off hard but she still have plenty of utility in her disposal in her late game. Oh well

I have clockwork which is really useful. I main lyra too but this patch i realise sc is useless lol. So if i ever picked lyra, i replace sc with another utility. Make her scary in late game


On Lyra SF is an awesome pick up. A single Bulwark can cause several mortal wounds just like Sigil.

CW+SF with superscout, fountain, crucible and Wartreads.

This will allow you to deal mortal wounds and have your heals portals and bulwarks up more.

Mortal wounds will helps your allies get kills and make you dangerous 1v1.

Those two are the best utility crystal items on Lyra.
On other captains without CC Frostburn is a good option.

The same as all the captains, why should Lyra be different?

Her true power of healing comes out with as halycon charger and 4crucibles insane healing

I need to try this build. Thanks

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There is no armour in my build because it doesn’t scale with her.

Depending on what your team needs you change your build. If there is no need for SF Utility you could pick up DE or AC if your team is low on offense.

I usually open up with flaregun and hp or boots. I get some hp and cd via vision items while finishing fountain first. After fountain and 1-2 vision items I will start building a crystal item and depending on the team needs finish certain items first. If I need to constantly heal because of big fights I will prioritize CW and then Crucible before finishing superscout.
In some games you can even go crucible first for the block and Healing boost. Pair it with cd to make up for no fountain yet.


I usually build this for lyra,
Fountain +crucible +war threds + flare/scout + atlas and alternating but i shall practice your build too

Personally never built SC on Lyra, prefer the additional health and vision control from a supercam.

If I want to deal DMG I’ll wat till my last item and start building towards a SF.


I’d build fountain second after. Crucible personally, her A scales with health ao crucible is more effective.

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I like the regen and shield to save my heals for allies plus the teamwide heal and I will build a dragonheart or 2 for the hp stacking besides the flaregun which also has bonus hp.

Bruh Lyra already does more than enough damage without SC in the early game. With the death of SC you still have Ardans who are able to 1v1 carries and Lyras that have poke damage so immense it makes the enemy carry recall just to heal. SC wasn’t even used as a priority for captains anyways only CP tank tops would use it, and they still do. Just look at CP Grace (off-meta but still good) and CP Adagio (who if more people started playing effectively would be meta). Both heroes are able to shove the WP carry away.

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I like the regen and shield to save my heals for allies plus the teamwide heal and I will build a dragonheart or 2 for the hp stacking besides the flaregun which also has bonus hp.

Adagio super strong top lane hero, early game power and sustain, perfect to counter early game pressure.

I actually struggled vs adagio+Lorelai in midlane.
Adagio is very strong.

He tails off hard late game, but his early game is very strong, his ult is useful as for have a reflex block by level 6 meaning your hard to gank, whilst dealing very strong early game DMG.

I play top lane a lot and this is usually my go to hero when I need to turtle up and 2v1

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