Silvernails legend talent

Dude his legendary talent is the most ANNOYING talent i have ever seen next to that stupid vox epic talent. Lkke seriously wtf is up with that. Like you basically cant even fight since the 3v3 map is packed with all the heroes in it and his stupid talent in the middle of the stupid map, you basically are fudged. Jesus christ i hope they nerf his stupid traps or whatever

hmm. for those who don’t know, the legendary talent forms a triangle using Silvernail’s A.

I haven’t encountered this yet, but i would prioritize a reflex block if i did.

Dude a reflex block well help only a little bit. After that you’re basically done for since his stupid A is spammable as fudge.

i’m only clarifying your post a little. I did say I din’t counter it yet.

His A is already Op without it being a triangle. I can imagine how frustrating it would be stuck in the middle.

I never really “countered” your argument per say. I was just agreeing with you but at the same time telling you my experience.

Its pretty much like Baptiste’s B, maybe slightly better, but all you need is a REFLEX BLOCK