So while I know the general consensus is that blitz and br sucks because of talents rn I’d just like to say that it could still be enjoyed more or less. Or so I’d like to say but I just came across the most toxic talent there was. Silvernails legendary talent, holy crap it was ridiculous. The area it covers it massive, the damage it does is massive, the silence is pretty much unblockable unless your outside the triangle (which makes blocking it pointless because you don’t want to get into the triangle), and it prevents movement. Im sorry but that’s actually game breaking far more than super barriers from Arden and Lance or kestrals ult legit being able to oneshot you or any other talent I can think of. This talent prevents your hero from doing absolutely anything.
SEMC what made you think this was a good idea?

The only hero who can somewhat disregard the talent is malene with her dark form B but not really

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his epic is worse…
go cp and throw that… let’s see if opponent can touch you if paired with one punch ardan

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Its not the worst one IMO. Just go out of It.

A worse one is Anka’s legendary. Have fun never escaping.

Her epic is stronger: never ending ults.

silvernail is garbage, and I say that with pride


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