Silco Coming to TFT (but not League)

Fascinating: the first non-League character for TFT!

And while Silco may be the first non-League unit to join TFT, there may be more outsiders joining us in the future. Maybe some from outside of Runeterra entirely…

This paragraph is a bit disconcerting, though … from outside Runeterra? Wtaf does that mean? (Hopefully not some “crossover” garbage like so many other games do.)

I don’t play Tft but that is interesting it got its first non league character, it does mean they can now add other characters without them needing to be lol champions first. I feel like cuz tft is on mobile and they made this move that they are planning on crossovers now, that would be odd just cuz I never imagined the league world to ever have characters from other media/ips to appear in it like Batman did in arena of Valor(I think, some other mobile moba with dc superheroes at least)

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Please, just no … :face_vomiting:

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I hope not either cuz then what stops them doing such in other lol spin-offs

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