Shout Out to the Spaniards!

Thanks @VaKTaBi and @Guest_78 for watching me stream today. Something I just started experimenting with. Not sure if I’ll keep it going, but it’s kind of fun!

Was fun to hang out with you in chat room! Apologies for the poor display today - I must have been a bit off!

I went 2-5 in ranked 3v3 today :face_vomiting:


Hahaha, no problem, we all have not that good days :wink:

It was fun to talk with you and see other forumers play!


Wait is that what you meant when you said kensei play was wanted

Yeah… not exactly wanted, but recommended.

He said that the Spaniards demand I play kensei and I didnt know what he meant


Only disappointment was not being able to snag @HipsterSkaarf for a game!

Did you announce this somewhere? I’m sorry I missed the fun!


I did not. I could the next time I do it. Thanks for your interest!

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