Should the controls for 3v3 and 5v5 get standardized?

the 3v3 and 5v5 controls are different and its just not natural to have 2 different sets of controls for the 2 modes. Should the built in flask and vision slots get implemented to 3v3 as well? And should the minimap of 5v5 get moved to the right like in 3v3 and ping controls on the left? We could play from right to left instead with the minimap on the right.


Flask and cam? Yes a million times yes.

Map I have already put on the left and its a non issue to me.

Lel rip invisibility heroes in 3v3 tho. Probably have to rework invisibility so it doesnt get revealed by cams or dont include the vision items for 3v3.

Its not that bad - vision is more restricted in 5v5 than it is in 3v3 - I think it could be ported across with at most minor changes.

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That just doesnt feel natural and i prefer it on the right. Having the ping controls on the left in 5v5 also means there is more space for active items if you are using a phone. The 5v5 map is thicc and it takes up so much space.

The game has never been phone friendly… It will never get phone friendly…

3vs3 has been perfectly fine for me, and even at last Worlds, like half of the pros were using phones?

But things start getting funny the moment you have 4 active items on a 5 inch screen with the new interface.

I wouldn’t mind the interface being unified, but that needs to be worked out first. Icons getting smaller, the more you have… that’s designed to produce comical results.
Not to mention that it undermines the effort put into sorting activables. The order won’t matter if muscle memory gets thrown off by size and placement.


The way they can solve this is by having icons form an “L”. This way they can keep activatables at the same size without shrinking the UI. In an ideal world, you would be able to drag and drop them anywhere on the screen.

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