Should Ozo be recreated?

When I look at his base skin… I feel like his skin is made to be a Red Lantern skin. It may be stupid of me to say that but really his lore is tied with freaking Red Lantern Koshka. This means he isn’t even relevant to the main reality but instead exists in a different alternate reality, just like in-game. Should he have a new base skin? A lore that makes him an assassin with a lot of jokes for the Meekos/Bleekos saga? Will all these changes make Ozo beautiful and important? Or should we just scratch all of what I said and make a shopping mall Ozo skin where he is a woman :laughing: :fire: :ok_hand:? So many possibilities for greatness…


@Nivmett Call SugarVenom and the folks at the skin department.

Y sugar venom? Is he from vg smec?

She not he. SugarVenom is the one who writes the lore for Vainglory.

@LamDumbasspro Let’s not tag Nivmett for things he has nothing to do with, please.


Ah, makes sense then. Yeah, Ozo needs a rework, I’m all for it

Actually, I wanna ask him to tell other people to do this. I don’t ask him to do it. It’s like “making a janitor do a surgery” as he said.

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The RL Koshka and Ozo lore is canon tho…
He’s not really relevant in the overall story with Stormqueen and all of the conflicts, but a few other heroes (like Joule, Koshka, and SAW) don’t have any relevance in it either. However, his lore does shed some light on the Carnies, which aren’t really talked about too much.

Some other skin lores are canon too, like Winter War…

He’s got plenty to do without you using him as an errand-boy. Lol. Why not message SugarVenom yourself? She’s on Twitter … (Though she isn’t responsible for character design anyway.)

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Yeah, don’t tag him though. It’s great that he wants to visit here and chat, but he’s not a messenger. If he sees a good idea that he thinks someone on the dev team should read, he’ll pass it on himself. Likewise, I pass things on to the community management team, as do the other mods. But this place is unofficial, for and by fans of the game, first and foremost. We’re not trying to make it a place where devs feel like they have to respond. If they want to, awesome! But if they don’t, that’s fine too.

How is this unofficial of this is the biggest serious website to discuss Vainglory? Its so official that devs even come here to make a visit. This seems very official… And suspicial… That’s it, smec did 9/10,should change the skin system tho. And Ozo

It’s unofficial because it’s not owned or run by SEMC…

But our goal is to be such an amazing forum that the devs can’t ignore it! Nivmett is just stage one. :skaarf:


SEMF has nightwalker
SEMF #1 jkjkjk
also, hi heepster

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Lol, she’s here too, btw. Just sayin’.

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HIs base model for me just felt a bit too Red Lantern, but if I were to just change everything I said I’d just say he needs another skin. But like I am aware that Winter War, RL Koshka, and all tier Glaive skins are cannon but wouldn’t it make more sense to make RL Koshka lore Ozo to be RL Ozo and the actual Ozo to be in some other saga or have his own saga. We can’t have another monkey character in the game so might as well try to branch him to have his own stand. An enlightening story about Ozo even would increase his popularity because he really is sleeper OP, problem being he has very visible weaknesses.
Lore always hypes a character up and that is why Kinetic (along with the Humanist fiasco) was not that popular IMO because her lore or everything building up to it was more about everyone rather than herself.

If by recreated you mean removed entirely, then yes.

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OOF I don’t have many memories with Ozo besides playing duo queue with a captain and then invading enemy jungle (mad fun) and beating a fed Gwen (it was a pro player) in 1v1s, BUT STILL ,CHILL ONLY SAW DESERVES THAT REPUTATION.

hax, pls nerf
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I don’t use Twitter. It seems kinda “complicated” to me