Should I switch server (from SEA to EU)

I’m moving SEA (Vietnam) to the EU (Holland) for work and I will definitely be here for a long time. I’m starting to experience slight spikes (250-300 ms) despite having really fast WiFi. Should I consider changing server? And who in the dev team should I contact??

Thanks in advance.

You’re not inclined to create an Eu account? I would.

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Either create a new account or contact the support team to migrate your account to the EU server


@FinnTran welcome to my home country.
We have insane connection and you will definitely enjoy your VG stay.

Out of curiosity on which part of the Netherlands will you be staying?

Welkom (welcome)
Veel plezier (have fun)
Het word gezellig (no translation possible cause “gezellig” is the best word ever)

Create a new account because a server switch will destroy your entire friendlist. If that is no problem you can switch, you’d keep your entire hero and skin roster.


I’m actually studying at Utrecht University. Where u at?

I’m so thinking of migrating after this season. I don’t care about my friend list that much :v
I’m also at Tier 9, so I want to keep that, (that’s the only thing I have going for me).

I wouldn’t want to lose all of my skins/heroes and my skill tier (9Gold/6Gold) so…

I am down south near the sea. (Figure it out)
Utrecht universiteit is massive…

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